Make Her Submit 5: Do That Lesbian Voodoo

Make Her Submit 5 is here to show you that men aren’t the only ones who won’t take no for an answer. Yes, it’s true – women are just as inclined to say ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’.

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Make Her Submit 5 Movie Details

Title: Make Her Submit 5
Studio: Team Skeet
Stars: Silvia Saige, Carolina Sweets, Tia Cyrus, Jayden Cole, Blaten Lee, Sadie Pop, Jennifer Jacobs, Natasha Blu
Overall Rating:

3.5 stars

Make Her Submit 5 is here to show you that men aren’t the only ones who won’t take no for an answer. Yes, it’s true, women are just as inclined to say ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ as men are, and whether it’s the direct compulsion of black magic or the more insidious carrot-and-stick of soft economic blackmail, women, at least lesbian women, are as unethical as men when it comes to getting a hot girl in bed! Trust Blaten Lee isn’t all that happy that her husband isn’t going to make their anniversary date. but she’s even less happy to discover that he’s fucking his assistant, Carolina Sweets. She invites Carolina over to show her that fucking the boss’s wife pays much better; even though Carolina is straight, Blaten manages to convince her to strip down, trade oral, do a little spanking, and rub those pussies together until they’re both dripping wet and coming like crazy. Being blackmailed by the boss’s lesbian wife is just as tough as having to fuck the boss!

Jayden Cole isn’t Jennifer Jacobs` real mom, and she doesn’t have to do anything Jayden says. Right? Right. Well, that’s what Jennifer thinks, anyway, and she gets away with being bitchy until Jayden steals some of her hair and makes a voodoo doll to compel her obedience. Well, it’s a Barbie doll, but it works the same, and once Jayden has demonstrated its efficacy by making Jennifer clean up the living room, she makes Jennifer strip down and masturbate, which is as creepy a thing as any man could come up with. Once consent is out the window, Jayden closes in for the kill, and before she knows it, the rebellious teen is licking mom’s lesbian pussy and loving it. Irresistibly compelled by black magic, she has less choice than a literal slave!

Natasha Blue has been sleeping over at Kylie’s house a lot lately, and Kylie’s mom Silvia Sage doesn’t mind, but she does expect some contribution to the house. Since Natasha doesn’t have a job, she can’t chip in for the bills, but she does have those perfect 32DD tits and that cute face, and she has a lot of free time, so when Silvia asks her for some help in the bathroom, Natasha is dubious but doesn’t feel like she has any choice. And once Natasha is in bed facing the suddenly lesbian Silvia and her giant strap-on, it’s too late to stop, one bad choice after another has put her in an economic position she can’t dig her way out of except with more sex!

Sadie Pop has no intention of taking her studies seriously, and Tia Cyrus is kind of pissed, because instead of tutoring, she’s been reduced to babysitting. When Sadie excuses herself to the bathroom but turns out to be masturbating and skyping with a boyfriend, Tia loses her temper, shoves Sadie up against a wall, and metes out some lesbian discipline. Well, a little spanking and then a lot of fucking, if that counts. Sadie doesn’t really resist, since it’s pure horniness that’s been distracting her; her submission is pro forma at best, but she is trapped just as surely as she will be later in an economic system that rewards the educated but punishes female sexuality.

Val Williams

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