Black Anal All Stars: Awesome Asses


Black Anal All Stars Movie Details

Title: Black Anal All Stars
Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment
Director: Joanna Angel
Stars: Ramon Nomar, Mya Mays, Steve Holmes, Aaliyah Hadid, Kira Noir, Small Hands, Nikki Darling
Overall Rating:

4.25 stars

Burning Angel is one of the few companies that, laudably, features black stars but doesn’t make a big deal out of it; sure, occasionally they do an interracial title, but what I mean is that they almost never specifically call it out as interracial, which is to say they don’t advertise black actors with white actors as an unusual or taboo thing. They’re much more focused on letting you know that their stars take it in the ass. The female ones, at least. Which brings up an interesting subject: Joanna Angel and the angels haven’t done a pegging title yet. There are three kind of Burning Angel movies, hilarious features, hilarious vignettes, and not-hilarious vignettes. I think a Burning Angel pegging movie would have to be hilarious vignettes, but I’m getting off the topic of Black Anal All Stars, which (in spite of a couple of brief efforts at scene setup) consists of not-hilarious vignettes. Black Anal All Stars though, is enjoyable as it is.

Black Anal All Stars – Kira Noir

Small Hands and Kira Noir are so eager to have amazing anal sex that they can’t wait to get home, so they break into a really nice house they see while they’re walking through the park. Kira is lean and slender with a full head of thick extensions, is the first of our black anal all stars to go up, and she has stockings with pentacles on the knees, so you know she’s extra dirty. It’s a well-known fact that while Satanists can be kind of fuddy-duddies, girls who sport the trappings of Satanism are wild. Kira likes being choked, muffled, smacked, and fucked hard, and Small Hands is not gentle with her, in any of her holes. Kira definitely deserves to be one of the best black anal all stars. She takes the load on her tongue and face.

Black Anal All Stars – Aaliyah Hadid

Small Hands and Aaliyah Hadid don’t have any story, just a romantic massage scene, or as romantic a massage scene as you’re going to get from Burning Angel. It starts off slow, with romantic-ish music, but accelerates after Small Hands has gotten done putting massage oil on the impenetrable parts of Aaliyah’s body, which is to say not long at all. She’s got a thick black bush, very short blonde hair (think Amber Rose style), and perky fake-but-nice tits with pierced nipples. Pay close attention when she arches her back, it looks awesome. It also looks really good when she takes Small Hands? cock deep in her throat just after he comes on her face.

Black Anal All Stars – Mya Mays

Mya Mays and Ramon Nomar, similarly, have no backstory = we begin in media res, with a little tease from her, dancing around and showing off her bouncy ass, before Ramon shows up to caress it and make out with her before getting down to the business of smacking that ass and getting his cock in her mouth. The really impressive thing about Mya is how she works her ass on Ramon’s cock while he just lies there and lets her do the work. Not all the time, mind you, he is often fucking pretty hard, but when he’s not, she’s doing all the work, and it’s super hot. She fucks her own ass using Ramon as a big Venezuelan dildo, and begs him for a pop on the face.

Black Anal All Stars – Nikki Darling

Nikki Darling is panicking because she’s got a German test tomorrow and she’s just not ready, so she calls Steve Holmes over to help with some tutoring. He recognizes immediately that she’s not going to pass the test, but she does have a trip to Germany coming up, so he teaches her some useful phrases, including ‘May I suck your cock’ and ‘Show me your tits’. Frankly, though, I think she understands the universal language already, and she has some definite skills to display. Nikki is an eager pupil who loves sucking cock and getting her ass plowed by a big German dick, and she gets an A (for anal) from her tutor. But also a B for ballsucking, a C for cocksucking, a D for deepthroating, and an F for facial.

Val Williams

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