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Five Reasons to Watch Pure Taboo’s ‘Alpha Male’ (VOD Exclusive)

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Alpha Male is the newest GameLink VOD exclusive. We offer five reasons this sexy, subversive new release should absolutely be on your weekly watch list!

Whitney Wright’s versatility

Whitney Wright is good a projecting her steamy sexuality even in roles that require her to be in a complicated, conflicted emotional state. Pure Taboo loves to push boundaries, and Whitney is with them every step of the way. They are a studio and star match that continues to be one of the most intriguing in porn today.

Provocative storylines

The movie spotlights two thematically related stories: in the first, Whitney Wright returns with her boyfriend (Robby Echo) to his home to meet his dad (Stirling Cooper) for the first time. Echo is nervous, because he knows that Dad is a classic alpha male in all the worst ways, someone who wouldn’t bat an eye at making a pass at his son’s girlfriend. None of them can imagine the shocking shape this first meeting will take, though!

The second segment opts for a “trailer trash” type of scenario, in which Whitney Wright is scandalized by the behavior of her uncle-by-marriage, Jonas (sleazily embodied by Steve Holmes, who leave his usual European sophistication far behind in this juicy role). Invited to Jonas’s barbecue, Wright discovers that she is the one who will be on the sexual menu on this particular day

“A side” and “B side”

Remember singles? They’d have a blockbuster song as the “A side” and then something more unusual or experimental on the “B side.” In a fun reference to this aspect of the music industry, Pure Taboo’s back cover frames the Whitney Wright/Robby Echo sequence as the “A side” while characterizing the less-promoted (but still effective) second scene as the “B side.” Not since the Beatles have the “A side” and “B side” been so well matched and memorable!

Interesting twists

Family roleplay porn is so common these days that sometimes it lacks the shock and bite that the genre was supposed to generate in the first place. Pure Taboo skillfully manages to skirt such concerns by having the action take some surprising turns. (Spoiler alert!) For instance, in the movie’s first segment, Robby Echo stumbles upon girlfriend Whitney Wright as she gives his dad a blowjob. Does he run out the room in horror? Not quite. After an emotional outburst at Wright’s betrayal and the dad’s wanton disregard for any sense of propriety, he settles in on the nearby couch. With a face that is both resigned and determined, Echo decides he’ll prove that he, too, is a true alpha male by tag-teaming Whitney. When it’s all over, Dad departs the room in as casual and cavalier manner as ever (“Always good seeing you, son”), while Whitney licks cum off her lips. The emotional intensity on display is rare in porn, but a huge part of Pure Taboo’s signature style.

The disclaimer

Like other Pure Taboo movies, Alpha Male opens with a disclaimer: “Please close this window now if you may be disturbed by alternative adult content.” It’s the equivalent a sign in front of a amusement park haunted-house attraction that says “abandon all hope ye who enter here”: in both cases, shocks and thrills are exactly what will assure that you enjoy the ride from start to finish.

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