Trans School Girls 2 porn video

‘Trans School Girls 2’: Sex Education with a Little Something Extra

3.5 Stars

All I really have to say is that whatever school the trans school girls are from in Trans School Girls 2 is not the kind of school I went to. I wish it had been, mind you — I will probably be accused of objectifying trans women or whatever, and there is probably some truth to that, but the fact is that I wasn’t all that good at concentrating on school when I was in it, even with only cis-women in the mix, and if there had been trans girls around I probably would have flunked out before I got to my junior year. On the other hand, I probably would have grown up a better person. Jessy Bells has been, not to put too fine a point on it, getting guys to pay to look at her trans pussy, and the dean isn’t happy about having that kind of sex trafficking going on in his school. He’s happy to find out, though that her pussy is a cock and that she wants him to look at it — and more than look. Once she has it out, he can’t keep his mouth off it, nor can he refrain from fucking her mouth or her ass. Dealing with the boys as she has been, she’s never seen a cock as big as the dean’s, and it’s a challenge for her to get it in her hungry holes, but she’s an eager student and manages quite well. Her reward is a load of the dean’s cum on her pretty face and an implicit license to continue extracting cash from the boys at her school.

Milli Quinzel looks a little old to be at a high school — even a trans high school — but as the credits state, she’s in her third year of being a senior, so it’s not surprising that she looks a bit, let’s say, mature. Milli has olive skin, perky little tits and a fascination with cock, she’s the perfect student. She’s so obsessed with dick that she can’t pass her final, and the only thing Mr. Jansen can think of is to take his out and show it to her in the hopes that she’ll be able to get it out of her system. Mr. Jansen has a thing for trans girls, but as it turns out Milli has a thing for him too. He sucks on her thing, bends her over his desk to pump her full of cock, and then gives hes a load of cum on the face and passing grade on the Sex Ed final.

Gorgeous brunette Khloe Kay gets invited to a frat party by her study partner, but she?s had some bad experiences with the Greek system ? she rushed a sorority when she first got to college and was humiliated when they rejected her for being trans. Her study partner says his frat isn?t like that, though ? half the guys are gay or bi and will fuck anything; it?s not the greatest recommendation, but Khloe?s interested enough to try him out, and before long, she?s bouncing on his cock, fucking his mouth, and sucking him till he moans. he may be bi, he may be gay, but whatever he is, he knows a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, and ? like the rest of his frat ? he?s happy to fuck whatever. Khloe?s happy for the attention, and she?s happy for the load she gets to wear on ehr face. Turns out he?s pretty cool for a frat boy.

Trans hottie Penny Petals is pretty much stalking her favorite teacher ? she confronts him in his classroom and tells him that he?s the best sub the class has ever had. He turns out not to be so subby, though ? she gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock, but as soon as her mouth starts to work, he gets bossy, tells her she doesn?t need any air, and starts fucking her throat deep. She takes it like a champ, swallowing his big dick and licking his balls, so he goes a little farther and pushes her back on his desk, getting rough and slamming his cock up her tight ass. She loves it and begs for more as he pumps her from behind on the desk and eventually blows his load on her face.

Val Williams

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