Buttfucked College Cuties 5 porn video

‘Buttfucked College Cuties 5’: Check, Check, Check, Czech.

Buttfucked College Cuties 5

The girls in Buttfucked College Cuties 5 are cuties, they are of college age (although isn’t everyone?) and they are definitely, undeniably, buttfucked. Buttfucked College Cuties 5 delivers everything it says it will – even, if only coincidentally, the 5. The one thing it fails at is delivering any clue as to which of its stars are which; with only a list of mononymic girls at the end – Ada, Parvin, Madison, Madelyn, and Amelie. We are left to guess which is which, and to hope that, if any of them turn out to be especially hot or memorable, she will pick a second name so she’ll be serchable in the future. We shouldn’t hold our breath on that; my guess is that these are all Eastern European girls – or at most, French ones – at the beginning, and possibly also end, of a short career.

Let’s assume, since you’re watching porn, that you’re not really interested in the college credentials of the girls in Buttfucked College Cuties 5; I know I’m not. Ada (I’m just going to assign names at random here, for lack of a better option) is a cute brunette with a shaved pussy and small tits, and she is at least looking at a laptop when the dude who gets to fuck her – they are all named Richard – starts groping. They don’t go straight to the buttfucking, but it doesn’t take long. Ada has definitely done anal before, and I’m betting this isn’t the first time she’s had a load shot on her gaping asshole, either.

Parvin looks a little older than Ada (maaybe she’s a grad student?), has bigger tits, and is a little more proactive about her anal experience – she’s the one who puts the moves on her Richard, and she takes a lot less pussy fucking before they start their anal session. They switch back and forth from pussy to ass (you know not to do this, right?) but she ends up with a load on the face.

Madison – who looks exactly like a Madison, if you catch my drift – is blonde and leonine, with small firm tits and a haughty face. Richard seems to feel the same way, as he’s a little forceful with her. As usual, there’s no dialogue, but he smacks her ass a couple of times, possibly to tenderize it. They do a little PIV, a nice 69, and then she settles onto his dick in RCG, popping him straight into her ass for the anal. He pounds her hard and then shoots on her face.

Madelyn, a brunette who kind of looks like Lake Bell, has her Richard gussied up in bondage gear but is remarkably kind to him – she even takes his blindfold off early on so he can see her perky little tits and pretty face. She doesn’t really make any pretense of being in college, though. I hope you weren’t really fixated on that. She rides his face, swallows his cock, and takes out her buttplug to let him get to the anal after some minimal pussy-fucking. The facial is, at this point, not a surprise.

Amelie seems to have some real personality, even if she’s not really allowed to express it with language. Dressed as a waitress and situated in a kitchen, Amelie is a blonde with big tits and nipples that poke eagerly at her shirt. Alone among our buttfucked college cuties, Amelie has no Richard to help her, so she as to buttfuck herself with a big blue toy; she uses whipped cream for lube (you know not to do this, right?), and her scene is both better than the others (because she shows some style and doesn’t have to take a fucking facial) and worse (because the noise from the poorly handled camera is intrusive and annoying). You win some, you lose some.

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