Red and Ginger 2 porn video

‘Black and Ginger 2’: Better than Drinking

Black and Ginger 2
Studio: Dark X

I have a lot of experience with black in porn, and a lot of experience with black and white, and a little with black and Asian, but this “Black and Ginger” deal is brand new. At first, it reminded me of black and tan, but a little research revealed that that was either a drink, an auxiliary police force, or a kind of dog, none of which shows up that much in porn. This, apparently, is African-Americans and redheads, and I’m good with both of those things individually. Let’s see how they mix in Black and Ginger 2.

Danni Rivers thinks she has talent, so she heads over to her new neighbor’s house to try giving him a demo CD, but her singing isn’t the skill she ends up demonstrating. Her voice is terrible, but her mouth is really good at other things – cocksucking, dirty talk, and swallowing cum, to be precise. This hot redhead isn’t going to get work singing, but there’s definitely a place for her in the entertainment industry.

Skylar Snow has stqyed home from work after getting dumped, but when her friend stops by to check in on her, she opts in to some sizzling rebound sex. It turns out her friend has had a thing for her for a while now, and when she comes on to him, he can’t resist the big tits, the red hair, and the gorgeous ass. Too soon? Maybe, but the moment carries them away, and before you know it, she’s got a big black cock in her tight ginger backdoor and a hot load of cum on her ass.

Penny Pax is a terrible French teacher when it comes to language, but she has some other skills the French value. When her client’s upcoming business trip to Paris turns out to be centered in the red light district, she offers some advice about how to get by in a hooker economy, but he decides he’d rather have a busty, slutty redhead right now than wait till he arrives in the Place Pigalle. Penny is happy to accommodate him – looks like maybe she has some experience charging for sex. It also looks totally worth the money.

After a frisky pool frolic with her best friend and their men, Athena Rayne ends up in a bedroom with her bestie’s boyfriend, taking a big black dick deep in her tight pussy. She clearly has some experience with big dicks, because she has no trouble getting that monster inside her. She loves to watch herself in the mirror, and you can see her point – she looks great bouncing up and down on that dick, her perfect tits jiggling and her bush spread wide open.

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