Dirty Girls Like It Dirty 17 porn video

‘Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty 17’: Every Door Except the Back Door

By: jberthelsen
Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty #17

The idea of the girl next door is a precious one for us — the concept of the pure, untouchable and yet oh-so-very-touchable virgin/whore just barely within arm?s reach — so much so that it pervades our culture and resonates for everyone even though few of us have ever really lived next to one. Given how many women do porn, though, we might have to reassess the odds. Maybe there’s one next to you right now. Do you live next to any of the girls from Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty 17? Lucky bastard, if you do. Go get ’em, tiger.

Did you grow up in the Czech Republic? If you did, you might have lived next to Jenny Wild, but if you didn’t she might not hit the nail for you as the Girl Next Door, with her hesitant English and decided lean toward the whore side of the spectrum. Her costar might not be a good stand-in for you either, but at least they’re relatively attractive people, and that’s what porn is about. Mostly, anyway. Jenny gives competent head, doesn’t moan in Czech, and has lots of room for cock in two-thirds of her holes, so maybe if you grew up in Conway, North Dakota (home to the US community with the largest percentage of Czech-Americans) maybe her facial will ring some bells for you.

Lana Sharapova isn’t given much chance to talk in her scene with [some dude with a big dick — let’s call him Chad], so it’s not immediately obvious that the door she’s a girl from next to is somewhere in Russia. It is, although you can forgive her that, probably, if you like lean blondes with small tits. It is wishable that there might be a little more character development in the scene — the appeal of the girl-next-door qua girl-next-door is that her innocence and wholesomeness are what makes her sluttiness extra-tasty, so the fact that she is just slutty from the get-go makes this an adequate porn scene but not a great transformational narrative. Still, good facial.

Eliza Ibarra, as a Southern California girl, has a much more manageable door distance. She’s got the height and the pedigree of a classic California girl — 5’9″ from Riverside — but is obviously not as WASPy as your traditional Beach-Boys style blonde hottie. Still, California is California, and the intersection of California girl and girl next door is freighted with America-specific sexiness. Witness, then, the way Eliza prepares a little plate of crudites and waits to get fucked from behind in the kitchen. Who could resist that perky little ass hanging out? Not [different Chad], who doesn’t require his woman to stay in the kitchen but is willing to take her to the bedroom, where he can do all the stuff he would have done in the kitchen, but in greater comfort. Sure, the cleanup from the delightfully sloppy blowjob and the facial would have been easier, but what would you?

With Jessie Saint, a 5’4″ blonde with B-cup tits and an impish smile, we finally reach the apotheosis of the possibilities of the girl-nest door. It?s as if Porn Pros has been staging a WBF-style fight night, except given the presence of Czechs and Russians, maybe more of an IBF thing, and given their skills, more of a fuck night. Jenny, Lana, and Eliza were the undercards, and while you wouldn’t want to skip their rounds and just show up at the end, Jessie is really the main event here. The door she lives behind could well be next to you, and wouldn’t that be delightful? She delivers on all fronts, tiny enough to make a cock look huge, big enough to take the punishment, cute enough that a load of cum dripping out of her spread and ravaged cunt looks extra filthy. She’s perfect!

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