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‘Stars’: Dorcel Girls Shine

By: jberthelsen

The magic of a Marc Dorcel movie, or one of the things that is magic about a Marc Dorcel movie, is how everything in it looks classy. Maybe that’s the yokel in me speaking — we Americans are notoriously easily impressed by French stuff and British stuff and, in fact, most stuff that isn’t American stuff. It’s part of our heritage as a rough-and-tumble frontier country — admittedly, I have never been to a physical frontier, although my grandmother lived on one — that we simultaneously love and resent stuff from the Old World, think it is cultured and elegant but also tend sneer at it as effete and unmanly. It’s hard to think of the activities in Stars as unmanly, but as an American, I have to buckle down and find a way. Let’s get to it.

Claire Castel is certainly one of those French girls who look elegant and sophisticated, even when she’s getting spitroasted in what looks like it could well be a seedy arcade (une arcade miteuse, en francais, if you were wondering). Kristof Cale and another dude put her on her knees for some dicksucking, then take turns fucking her pussy and mouth until they deliver a pair of loads on her tits.

Cherry Kiss, Zazie Skymm and Anya Krey aren’t lucky enough to be out and about in a seedy arcade, but they also don’t have to suffer the attentions of the kind of dude who hangs out in seedy arcades. Wisely, they have elected to stay home and take care of each other. Cherry and Anya watch Zazie get out of a pool, and that’s all it takes for the two girls to get wet themselves. When Zazie gets into the house, a slippery lesbian threesome ensues, starring two blondes, a brunette, a glass toy, and nine satisfied holes.

Sybil’s scene wiy\th Charlie Dean is a little confusing, because it shows them making out intercut with scenes of Sybil getting ready for their evening, which kind of makes it seem like maybe the one girl is prepping him for another girl that she’s going to introduce him to, but it turns out they’re the same girl. Once that mystery is solved, the scene proceeds pretty straightforwardly, with a little spanking to liven up the standard sex and facial in what looks like an upscale IKEA demonstration living room.

I always think Anissa Kate is going to have fake tits, and she never does. I mean. not that I expect her to have gotten some since the last time I saw her, but that when you look at her, she always looks like she has them, and then halfway through her scene, you go

‘Oh, no, those are real.? I don’t get a lot of personality vibes off of her, which might be why I can never remember her tits accurately, although I’m sure she’s a very sweet girl who loves to collect fancy teapots and watch The Bachelor. Anyway, she looks great fucking Rico Simmons and Lorenzo Viota, and she takes a double penetration and a couple of loads, and she has nice natural tits.

Anissa walked into an apartment with two dudes and started fucking, so that was clearly one date that went very well, but Kaisa Nord and Alberto Blanco have a whole relationship going on. It starts with a first date and proceeds through more dates and then encompasses moving in together, and just when you start to worry that we might be looking at an Up situation here, with a sad Ed Asner looking at a picture of his dead wife and us crying about it, Kaisa strips out of that dress and settles in for some romantic sex with Alberto. Kaisa, by the way, does have fake tits, but they’re nice ones; her ass is real, as far as I can tell. Like most everyone else, she takes a facial

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