Twisted Family Secrets 5 porn video

‘Twisted Family Secrets 5’: How Could You Keep Those Tits a Secret?

By: jberthelsen

Twisted Family Secrets #5

Studio: Porn Pros

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Twisted Family Secrets 5 has a lot to celebrate, especially from my perceptive; not so much as a fan of fauxcest, but as a fan of big natural tits, short-haired blondes, and short-haired blondes with big tits. The presence of Gabbie Carter, Alexis Adams and a newly shorn Skye Blue is enough to keep my attention, even if I have to sit through some family really to see them. So yes, I’m not a fan of the step-porn — we can talk about that another time, if you like — but Twisted Family Secrets 5 has enough for me in it to keep me interested. If twisted family dynamics are your thing, though, you’re probably going to go bananas over this one.

I’d have sworn Savannah Sixx was a blonde, but it would have been for nothing. Maybe I’m thinking of other Savannahs. Anyway, she’s got black hair, and it looks good on her. You have to love the contrivances that result in family members hooking up in these things — Savannah getting Tommy Gunn`s pants off and his dick in her mouth during a plumbing accident is a prime example, and if you’re willing to take it at face value, you’re exactly the person Porn Pros wants watching its movies. Once he gets his hand unstuck from behind the pipes, he fucks Savannah every way a dad can fuck a daughter, and delivers a spectacular creampie, followed — however improbably — by a facial. Hard to know what to say about that, but there it is.

Gabbie Carter`s tits are the next great thing in porn. She’s been showing up in web scenes for months now, but this is the first time I’ve seen her — and them — come across my desk in an exclusive. She’s no Gianna Michaels or Angela White, but if she, Lena Paul, Sensual Jane, and Katerina Hartlova can be the tellers — or, I guess, the capital —  at the spank bank for a long time to come. She’s cute, innocent-seeming, and she’s got those enormous boobs, and that goes a long way. The scene with her seducing her stepdad on Fathers Day by giving him a vibrator he can use on her is just as goofy as the last one, but you can forgive that with tits like her pair of 32DDs bouncing around. Daddy finishes up, as would you, with a rousing titfuck and a facial that gets all in her hair. Good work.

Alexis Adams‘s tits remind me of boobs from Playboy centerfolds of the sixties -it’s weird that there should be a particular period look to boobs, but in the same way as the fifties had those rocketship bras and the seventies had small, natural hippie tits, the sixties had these kind of — well, it’s hard to describe, but just take look at the tits on Alexis, and you’ll see what I mean. Of course, that all ceases to matter when she gets grounded and sneaks a friend in to keep her company and gets caught. If she can’t go out and she can’t have anyone in, she might as well fuck her stepdad to keep herself occupied. He’s paralyzed, but she knows what she’s doing, and her scene goes that way all the rest of them do, ending with her taking a facial.

It’s laundry day for Skye Blue, who’s tired of cleaning up after her stepdad but doesn’t mind taking the opportunity to use the washing machine’s spin cycle to multitask. Skye is a blonde with a deceptively slender body; she’s got bigger tits than it looks like she does until her top comes off, which Tommy Gunn finds out about when he catches her masturbating. Alone among the girls in the movie, she’s not the one on the prowl, but she jumps into the spirit of fucking stepdad with a will as soon as she’s given the chance. Tommy, who gets to fuck her mouth and pussy and to come on that cute face, is the luckiest stepdad in the world.


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