The Right Hole porn video

‘The Right Hole’: Anal Lesbians Learn Some Lessons

By: jberthelsen

We’ve all had our experiences with the wrong hole — some of us on one end of the problem (so to speak), some on the other; those of us who conduct our affairs with honor and integrity handle the matter with some dignity and a great deal of communication. The girls in The Right Hole are very proactive about that kind of communication — as you know if you are a thoughtful gentlemen or a lady with any kind of experience with thoughtless gentlemen, good anal requires time, effort, lots of lube, the right equipment, patience on both parts, and communication. It’s nice to see that kind of thing well lit and well-done.

As much as I and every thinking porn fan love Penny Pax`s ass, it’s not my favorite part of her. Still, watching her succumb to Chanel Preston`s relentless advance on her backdoor, you can’t help but forget about the red hair and the perfect tits for a little while. I mean, not a long while, since they’re still gloriously on display, but enough that you envy Chanel more than just a bit. When Chanel works the big metal toy into Penny’s ass, you kind of have to wish you were a lesbian too. If you didn’t already, that is. At the very least, you feel like maybe investing in some metal and glass toys would be a good idea. (Side note: Not a good idea? Asking your partner to clean a toy with her mouth after it’s been in her ass. Shame on you Chanel & and Girlsway; there’s no good reason for that).

Lena Paul is another star whose ass is great but overshadowed (for those of us who lean that way) by a set of perfect natural boobs. Given those tits, it’s no surprise that she’s never had good anal sex; you can see how her partners might have concentrated their efforts elsewhere, but the fact remains that having lost a husband to a partner whose ass was more welcoming, she’s eager to loosen up in that department. Victoria Voxx represents a toy company that offers consulting services that go a little farther then just recommendations The in-depth lesbian anal consultation sees Victoria showing Lena that sometimes a toy isn’t necessary –a lesbian with dextrous fingers and a skilled tongue can replace any toy there is. They sweep the merchandise aside and get to fingering and licking, to the satisfaction of both girls.

I’m not used to seeing Mona Wales in a scene that’s so let’s say moderate? She’s an intellectual wild child who once told me about a dream of making a porn movie based on Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, so seeing her in something so straightforward as fauxcest lesbian anal MILF porn — and I realize what that says about my expectations with respect to the porn world — is a bit like seeing Les Claypool headline a county fair. Still, Mona Wales is Mona Wales, and if seeing her get seduced by Paige Owens as a horny lesbian stepdaughter is my lot, I can’t really complain. She pays her buills, I pay mine, and neither of us, I think, can kick too hard about the injustices of our lives. She’s not very believable as an inexperienced mom, but I’m not going to complain about that either. Breathy and lean, she has a delightful bush, perky tits, and a way of enjoying fingers in both ass and pussy that leaves you in no doubt about her commitment to pleasure.

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