Cum On My Tattoo 12

‘Cum on My Tattoo 12: Tempting Targets

By: jberthelsen

Every time another Cum on My Tattoo title comes along — in this case, Cum on My Tattoo 12, I remember a conversation I had with Joanna Angel, back around #4 or #5, in which she told me about inventing the coming-on-tattoos fetish. It started with Craigslist ads, as I recall. You should talk to her yourself for more details. Aside from being a delightful conversationalist, she has lots of stories like that. Once I settle in to watch the newest iteration of the franchise (it’s more about fucking tattooed girls until you get to the point where you’re about to cum on their tattoos) I also think about the time, coming soon, I hope, when Burning Angel issues a cumshot compilation title for this series.

Previous entries in the series have featured interviews with inked-up sluts in which they talk about their tattoos and offer opinions on which of them might be the best target for a load of jizz, but Genevieve Sin just wants to get fucked; Small Hands is happy to oblige, and he comes on strong, choking her with his cock and putting her on her back in the gravel to get his dick busy. Genevieve, a raven-haired, fake-titted sprite who will put you in mind of Bonnie Rotten in more ways than one, says “Oh my God!” a lot, even though I’m pretty sure Small Hands isn’t doing much she isn’t used to. She seems like a girl who’s used to spitting, asphyxiation, anal and loads on her belly. She might be my new favorite alt-porn ink canvas.

Rocky Emerson is an altogether different animal from Genevieve; her hair is long and black, and before she starts fucking, she kind of reminds me of one of those girls from Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video. Unlike those girls, she expands on her sexiness, with Kyle Mason doing the undressing, fucking and cumming honors. Rocky starts off slow, being quiet and passive, but as the scene progresses, she gets louder, looser, and more orgasmic. She’s an enthusiastic cocksucker, has nice tits, and looks great with a load of cum on the tattoo under her breasts. 

There’s a little more scene to Vanessa Vega`s scene, as she tempts Ramon Nomar out from behind the bar in the dive where he works. “Would you like something to drink?” he inquires seductively, but she’d rather have his cum on her tattoos. Ramon isn’t the kind of guy to rush his work, so he doesn’t shoot on them right away; instead he undresses her, savors her various holes with his tongue, bends her over a table, lets her ride him for a while, fucks her in most of the standard positions, and unloads -inventively — on the side of her neck. She tries to soak up some of it with her mouth, but this isn’t a Swallow My Cum video, is it?

Payton Preslee has the kind of huge fake tits that most guys profess to hate but the kind of face and attitude that make most guys forget everything else. Her ass is round and juicy, and her BDSM-flavored scene with Small Hands is a little less raunchy and aggressive than the one he had with Genevieve, but no less satisfying. She starts off on a St. Andrews cross, but once she says she wants his cum on her tattoo, it’s all rough sex and fucking and not so much kink (in spite of how often she calls him Master). Her thighs quiver appealingly when she comes, and her tits make the perfect cradle for his cock just before he shoots on the conveniently placed tattoo between her pussy and her navel.

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