Transsexual Fantasies Fulfilled 3 porn video

‘Transsexual Fantasies Fulfilled 3’: Getting What They Want

Transsexual Fantasies Fulfilled 3

Studio: TransErotica

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I don’t know if the fantasies in “Transsexual Fantasies Fulfilled 3 are the fantasies of the trans girls in the movie, or of the men who get to fuck the trans girls, or my fantasies just being acted out by trans girls and the guys who get to fuck them, but whatever the case, tney’re pretty hot, and they’re being performed by some really hot girls (and, mostly, Ricky Larkin). A short heads-up: if the kind of trans porn you want to see is the kind where the trans-girls do the fucking, maybe check out yesterday’s exclusive, Transfixed 6, where the dicks are more at the forefront of the action.  I’m not sure what I was expecting – how, for instance, transsexual fantasies would differ from cis-people’s fantasies – but I figured they’d probably involve more elaborate scenes. It appears that Ricky Larkin‘s fantasy is mainly just to fuck Alexa Scout, which once you get a look at Alexa – a Latina brunette with nice tits and a hungry ass – isn’t an unreasonable goal. Alexa has a nice cock that is hard but underused; mainly one of them just jerks it while they fuck, and she never really gets it into the action, but it looks like she enjoys herself anyway, right up until Ricky delivers a load on her face. Casey Kisses is kitted out in fishnets and some bright yellow lingerie, and Ricky is on deck again. Trans cutie Casey is a dirty blonde with a couple of tattoos and a set of really nice firm tits with big areolae and hard nipples. Ricky gets to rest a littl while she shows off how much she enjoys her body, but before long she’s crawling over to him and getting down on his dick. It turns out she’s a very dirty blonde indeed; he rims her ass, licks ehr feet, siucks her cock, and plunges his dick deep in her hungry asshole, fucking her hard and eventually covering her cock with his cum.

Lianna Lawson is at home in a maid’s outfit but maybe a little wobbly in the heels, and she’s not sure how she’s supposed to clean the house in them; Matt Bailey, an entitled twink who has a lot of excuses for why the outfit is a perfectly reasonable one for a transsexual maid, tells her she can clean his cock off if she’s not happy doing the floors, and Lianna, a blonde hottie with a slim build and a mostly soft cock, is much happier getting fucked than cleaning. He ends up making a real mess of the maid’s outfit, with a cumshot that spatters the whole front of it, but by that time she’s not complaining about anything.  “Why don’t you get on your knees and let’s see that butt,” Ricky says to Marissa Minx, and even though she’s spent a lot more time on her tits, she complies. She’s the whole package. She knows how good she looks, so it can’t be that much of a surprise that he’s sporting a giant hardon, which he apologizes for, but which she wants to see more of. His dick is the focus for a couple of minutes, but once hers comes out the center of attention shifts, and he chokes it down, then fucks her mouth in return. After they both get their fill of a little too much cock in the throat, Ricky lubes up her ass with his tongue and lets her ride him, her cock bouncing as she works him with her ass. They finish up with a load (his) on her face as she massages his balls with her feet.

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