Size Does Matter 17 porn video

‘Size Does Matter 17’: Big Cocks, Little Girls

The essence of porn – at least for most of us straight dudes – is huge dicks and girls that are happy to take them in one or more holes. Sure, as you get older, you develop some preferences, some fetishes and special interests, some tolerance – the same kind you get for heroin, I imagine – and you start wanting things like stories and enthusiasm, but it all comes back down to how much size matters. It matters to us, and it certainly matters to the girls in “Size Does Matter 17” as they prepare to handle the big dicks.

Don’t get me wrong; I love girls, and I love watching girls try to seduce me, and I love watching girls masturbate. It’s almost a chore, however, watching Sophia Lux, a lanky, tanned blonde in a pastel rainbow onesie, try to be seductive using movie snacks as masturbation aids. It’s less of a chore once she starts sucking cock; she has a voice made to express hunger; she also has a shaved pussy and nice firm C-cup tits. Once we get past the part where she’s dragging Red Vines across her pussy, she’s a pleasure, and her dude clearly feels the same way. I guess the popcorn on the nipple worked for him. He’s got a weirdly two-toned dick, but he knows how to use it, and by the time he’s done, Sophia is more than ready for her facial.

Alex Blake says she can’t even leave the house without finding herself dripping wet, which is the kind of thing you like to hear from a girl who looks as much like Marvel’s Black Widow as she does. Her masturbation is unmarred by food, and when her stunt cock comes in, it’s just a continuation of a good time. Alex is a slender redhead with the usual shaved pussy; she’s a sloppy cocksucker and has a delightfully elegant but slutty look to her. The dick is a different one, but she takes no less pleasure from getting fucked in cowgirl, doggy, and missionary and receiving the customary facial, under which her grin is radiant.

There’s a little bit of whimsy to Athena Faris‘s scene – her mook opens the door to find an oil lamp on the stoop, but when he rubs it, she appears in a very skimpy belly-dance(ish) outfit an performs some gyrations that would make Salome proud. I would really like to have seen her put some more time in to the dancing, Dick is really more interested in the end result of the bump and grind, and he has his cock in her mouth before you can say Scheherazade, if you can say it at all. She’s slim and pale, with nice little B-cup tits and a cute face; she doesn’t make a lot of noise, but she clearly loves the cock she gets and the creampie it delivers.

If you were driving around and saw a girl dressed like and as clearly ready to fuck as Paris White, it would make you wish that all the Bangbus style picking-girls-up-off-the-street porn was real. She’s got a tiny little top out of which her B-cup tits would be falling if they were big enough or affected by gravity enough to fall. They play through a scene where they pretend she doesn’t have much experience and might not fuck them, but we all know the deal, and as soon as she flashes her tits, the game is on. Although the cocksucking starts in the car, the action moves to a house pretty quickly, and Paris strips down to reveal some very not-good-girl tattoos and a pair of perky little tits that are just the right size to bounce while she gets fucked. For an innocent girl, she sure knows a lot of positions, enjoys getting choked, and loves cum on her face.

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