Seduction 2 porn video

‘Seduction #2’: Lesbians Take It Slow

Who couldn’t use a little more seduction in life, right? Everybody’s in such a hurry all the time, with things to do and places to go. Wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and let someone just, you know, make love to you once in a while? Okay, sure, it would be really nice if the person who was seducing you was one of the insanely hot girls in Seduction #2, but you can’t have everything, especially since the girls in Seduction #2” are seducing each other. You can’t expect a dedicated lesbian – and you can see why they love their work – to take time out from a busy pussy-eating schedule to deal with you. Still, it’s nice to watch.  Silvie Luca and Tess are a pair of lovely slender brunettes with some kind of stalker thing going on, or so their music would have us believe. Whatever their emotional dynamic is, they can’t wait to get at each other, and you can’t blame them. They’re feverishly hungry and both of them do a great job of devouring each other. There’s a lot of panting and heavy breathing, and both of these greedy lesbians seem to get off over and over.  Whatever Alyssa Reece, Eileen Sue, and the delightfully if mysteriously named Mango A have going on isn’t nearly as complex and dangerous as Silvie and Tess, but it’s no less hot. They all talk about how much fun it is to shoot for Sex Art and then prove it by having a leisurely but intense lesbian threesome on the set of their photoshoot. A strapon is deployed, pussies are eaten, and orgasms are had. It’s an artistic shoot, and Alyssa in particular seems to have a good time wielding the strapon – she looks like she’s fascinated with how it looks sliding into Mango’s pussy while that girl eats Eileen out. Jenny and Miela – there’s no way to tell, really, which is which – are in the middle of one of those much-ballyhooed events where you eat sushi off the body of a naked girl. Jenny – let’s say it’s Jenny, just for convenience – does what I would do and bypasses the sushi entrely, going right for Miela’s much more delicious and rewarding pussy. This is a darker and altogether more moody scene than either of the previous ones, and more of a seduction. With a blonde and a brunette and lots of lesbian action, you can’t really complain.  Whitney Westgate, usually blonde but sporting dark hair here, starts out more or less in flagrante with Chloe Amour, who is usually brunette and hasn’t changed that. No attempt is made to fool us into thinking these two lesbians are in any way at odds, whch is good, because you don’t want to waste time with psychological games when there is so much delightful pussy-eating to be had. It’s a little showy – they’re both clearly opening up for the camera – but I’m okay with that.  There’s not much in the world better than a girl in wet, see-through clothes, and although I’d rather have one right in front of me and willing, but drunk lesbians in a shower is an acceptable alternative if nothing else is to be had. Our final scene has the feel of makeup sex with a couple in the throes – maybe the endgame – of a turbulent relationship. I have no trouble believing, as Silvie sashays into the shower with a bottle of hooch to get stripped by Agatha, that his is the last, best, drunkenest sex of their lives together. It’s very romantic, in a doomed sort of way.

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