Goth Nymphos porn video

‘Goth Nymphos’: The Dark Side of Horny Sluts

I love a Gothy girl like Eddie Rabbitt loves a rainy night, like Kid Creole loves girls, like Harry Richman loves a parade. A great deal of my ability to indulge that love has been made possible by Joanna Angel, who year after year delivers Gothy girls – and punky girls and just generally weird girls – to my desktop with astonishing dedication. Her newest, “Goth Nymphos” – so simple a name, yet so complete a description – is just one more link in a delightful chain. Mazel Tov, Joanna!

Lola Fae, who I last saw being insatiable in ?Lola Fae?s First Gangbang,? has landed herself in detention, which is where bad girls go to find cock. She finds Mick Blue‘s cock. She’s the kind of student who should be sent home with a warning that collars are not to be worn to school but underwear are, and he’s the kind of teacher that isn’t going to issue that warning. He’s got his cock in her mouth right off the bat, and then in her pussy, which was already on display. They repair to her bedrooom, which is suspiciously close to the school, for a more comprehensive fucking. Lola is so horny that she has to spank her own ass, but he’s the one who has to fuck it for her. He handles the facial, too.

You could be excused for mistaking Karma RX for a hippie, or maybe a priestess of some kind, but when you see her spread out and wating to get fucked on what looks like a pentacle adorned with the image of a goat’s head, you have to go with Goth. If Tommy Pistol hadn’t shown up, she would probably have had to choke herself on that big glass dildo she was playing with, but since he brought a cock to the gunfight, she gets to stuff that down her throat, not to mention in her pussy. Karma has great tits and she’s a ball of energy, right up till she takes a load on the face.

Jewelz Blu is Goth enough for me, even though her hair is blue instead of black. She’s Goth enough for Small Hands, too, who doesn’t require any bullshit about schoolgirl detention or a pentacle to get his motor running. When he finds Jewelz bent over a spanking bench, he gets going right away, burying his face in her pussy from behind. She’s tight and sexy, and even though she doesn’t get her tits out till late in the game, she’s still good to look at. She’s an enthusiastic cocksucker, noisy and slobbery, and she looks great with a faceful of cum.

Small Hands, even having just expended a great deal of energy on Jewelz Blu, does double duty with Ivy Lebelle, who looks like a good girl dressed up like a Goth. Those are not good girl tits she’s sporting, though, and she certainly doesn’t object to him getting up close and personal with her pussy, dealing out a stream of whimpers and dirty talk that betray a deep prior knowledge of such things. She likes a hand on her throat and a hard dick, and she’s no stranger to rough sex. Ivy’s a little thicker, delightfully, than your average porn waif, and she knows how to use her body to get Small Hands off hard, working just as feverishly as he does at the fucking until he pulls out and pops on her spread pussy lips.

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