Devious Moms porn video

‘Devious Moms’: Tricky Lesbian Tramps

Considering how slutty these moms are, there’s really no reason for them to be devious at all, but still they persist with their Machiavellian machinations. The deviousness is in every case secondary, although a case could be made that the moms, and the other moms they seduce (or are seduced by) are in fact deviants, given a particularly generous definition of the word, although the truth is that – at least where I live – lesbians, let alone mature ones, aren’t anything out of the ordinary at all. Let’s just assume that’s the case in Devious Moms, shall we?

Julia Ann at least pretends to a little hesitation about fucking her lesbian lover Tia Cyrus, who appears to be a lawyer and and should know better – a casual glance at a Best Dad Ever mug while washing dishes reminds her of whose flesh she should be exploring, but the hesitation doesn’t last long, and in two shakes of a slut’s tail, they’re face down in each other on the bed. The contrast between fair, blonde veteran Julia Ann and the dusky younger Tia is appealing. Julia Ann is just the right shade of zaftig to let you make yourself forget she’s a porn star.

Awkwardly, Texas Patti (who is somehow German and almost completely incomprehensible) shows up to clean Elexis Monroe‘s house, only to discover that they were college classmates and sorority sisters. She’s mortified that she’s a maid now, but Elexis takes the sting out of the shame by maneuvering herself into a position where she has to take her clothes off, and then they start fucking. Elexis puts a new spin on harassing the maid, and the two former lesbian lovers take up where they left off twenty years ago on graduation night. Patti has wonderfully expensive tits for a maid and Elexis likes quality, so everything goes smoothly until they both climax screaming on the Italian leather sofa, which Patti will probably have to clean.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on with India Summer, except that her evening isn’t going the way she thought it would. After a brief montage of her wandering around a hotel room and looking mopey, she calls Reagan Foxx to come keep her company. Turns out her husband forgot their anniversary, but Reagan helps her drown her sorrows in wine and pussy. Well, pussy. Reagan is India’s best friend and they’re both straight, but she’s totally willing to step over the line into lesbian sex if that’s what it takes to make India’s night less painful. Pain, as it happens, isn’t really on the agenda at all, but pleasure certainly is, and after the initial awkwardness, they manage to get over the hump and start humping. For women who haven’t eaten pussy before, they both show a commendable facility for it, and nobody leaves the hotel unorgasmed.

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