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‘Bubblegum Dungeon’: A Different Kind of BDSM

Bubblegum Dungeon

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One thing I really love in my porn is happy people who are having fun doing what they’re doing – I know there’s a fashion for women being degraded and made miserable, but I prefer my entertainment on the less gritty and self-important side, which is why all MCU movies are inherently better than all DCU movies. That’s a duscussion for another time. The discussion at hand, of course, is about Joanna Angel‘s Bubblegum Dungeon – Gimme Some Sugar. It’s silly, it’s a particularly goofy flavor of BDSM, and the people in it are clearly enjoying themselves, just like Thor and Iron Man.

Nothing says silly more eloquently than a bowtie, so Stirling Cooper sets the tone right away; even though he treats Adria Rae very harshly indeed. Still, she said before the shoot that she likes being flogged, spanked and fucked roughly, so it’s not like she didn’t know what was coming. She was looking forward to the suspension, especially since she’s being suspended with pink ropes, which she’s willing to say feels different if it gets her some cock faster, which it does. This is BDSM lite, and Adria spends more time getting fucked than flogged, but for fans of style, it can’t be beat.

Madeline Marlowe loves topping girls, and Jewelz Blu loves getting topped, but she’s never had a woman do the job before. Madeline has the tools to do the work, but she’s never done it in a unicorn costume before. Madeline has huge, juicy boobs, and although I’d rather see her in a straight fucking scene, I can’t complain about seeing her in a lesbian BDSM one. Madeline has a way with the dirty talk and with Jewelz’ pussy, and jewelz says she’s a slut for pain, so they’re a perfect match. Madeline puts in some time with cane and flogger, tortures Jewelz with a wand, and puts Jewelz face down in her pussy long enough that the orgasms pretty much even out.

Gina Valentina has been getting stranger and wilder (to my delight) for a while now, and it’s good to see her getting past the just-plain-fucking phase of her career and into some more interesting territory. She says she likes some choking in her BDSM and even might want to be waterboarded, although Joanna Angel thinks that’s probably just outside the scope of today’s activities. Ramon Nomar trices her up at the end of a convenient bed, flogs her, and teases her with a big wand. Eventually, of course, he fucks her while she’s tied up, but in a surprise twist ending, he takes her in the shower and gets in some of the waterboarding play she was curious about. She seems to like it, and he delivers that and a facial.

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