Alpha Female 3 porn video

‘The Alpha Female 3’: Boss Babes

The Alpha Female 3

Studio: Team Skeet

Given the recent pushback on the myth of the alpha male, I’m not sure how much stock to put in the idea of the alpha female; it’s telling that right off the top, nobody knows how to define the term – is she a domineering woman who can compete with aggressive, dickish males, or is she more the apex of femininity? and how many stereotypes should we include in our assessment? – and I’m really not inclined to look to porn as the medium in which any thorny intellectual questions are going to get unraveled. Still, you ever know – perhaps with The Alpha Female 3, Team Skeet has stumbled across some insight that has escaped sociologists and incels alike. Let’s go look!

Summer Hart is wondering where her package could have gotten to, and she’s worried that someone might have stolen it. When it turns out that that someone was her next door neighbor Isabella Nice, who not only nabbed her shipment of sex toys but tried the butt plug on for size, she’s not so much furious as she is elated at the sudden opportunity. Experienced lesbian Summer knows exactly what to do with a bad girl – the buttplug that didn’t fit is going in whether Isabella likes it or not! Once the busty redhead has her sexy neighbor prepped and ready, it’s time for some more fucking with the rest of the toys. Will Isabella learn her lesson? Probably not.

Lean, tan, and sexy, Kara Faux would be the perfect neighhbor except for her truly awful taste in music. Rachel Roxxx probably wouldn’t like it even at a moderate volume, but when it’s played at top register while she’s trying to sleep, it is especially intolerable. In the time-honored manner of neighbors everywhere, Rachel comes over and asks nicely, but Kara is terribly bitchy and just turns it up, which earns her a lesson in courtesy. I mean, it’s not really any nicer for the unexpectedly dominant lesbian Rachel to push into the house, tie Kara up, gag her with her own panties, and fuck her with a strapless strapon, but hey, Kara set the ROE. The sounds of Kara coming on that big fake cock aren’t any quieter than the terrible music was, but at least Rachel’s getting off on them.

Katie Kush and Bella Rose are trapped at home on a rainy day with no cable and no plans or car, so they turn, as many of us do, to the internet for inspiration. As you yourself are doing right now, they pull up some hot lesbian porn, at which point their activities diverge from yours in that they start fucking each other. Bella, it turns out, has had some lesbian fantasies, while Katie has never really thought about it. She thinks about it now, and decides fucking her sexy blonde roommate is a suitable activity for a rainy day. Since Bella’s lesbian activity up to now has been entirely notional, she doesn’t have the stock of toys that Summer and Rachel had, but the girls make do with their fingers and tongues, and everybody walks away happy.

When Alex More and Harmony Wonder find out they have the gym all to themselves, they take it as a license to get pretty frisky in their yoga exercises. To be honest, there’s not really much of a dominant female theme here – neither of the two is especially more aggressive than the other – but they are definitely into the lesbian activity (as is the cameraperson, who you can hear breathing heavily right behind the lens). Some fairly innocent yoga turns into some less innocent yoga, which turns into some pretty suggestive yoga, which turns into some flat out explicit lesbian sex. I mean, we knew that was going to happen, so it’s no surprise, but it’s still nice to know that sometimes the world delivers what it promises. Neither of these girls brought toys to the party, but they don’t really need them.

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