Pure Anal Pleasure 13 porn video

Going Deep: ‘Pure Anal Pleasure 13’

Very few pleasures in this world are pure; personally, I think that’s what makes pleasure so sweet – that most of it arrives bundled with the knowledge that it’s fleeting or alloyed with some other emotion. Still, when you get a chance to sample something that is unadulterated, you probably should grab it while you can. Thus, go ahead and latch on to Pure Anal Pleasure 13 (and its 12 predecessors, I guess) and seize the moment – wring every drop of pleasure out of this movie and never look back.

Angelina Diamanti hired a cute young guy to help around the house, but what she really wants is to get fucked anally. He doesn’t know he’s in a porn movie, so she has to put on a sexy outfit to stir him to action. Once he knows, though, he’s on the ball, prepping the busty little Latina’s ass with a couple of plugs and then his dick. Whatever she’s paying him, she’s getting her money’s worth – he fucks her pussy, ass and mouth and gets her off over and over. She’s got fabulous tits, she knows how to work her hips while she’s fucking, and she looks great with cum dripping down her ass crack.

Diamond Kitty starts off her scene already wearing a butt plug, and she says she only masturbates with it in. An anal toy isn’t going to do the job, though, and she takes the next, necessary step. Her new dude, who has been doing a good enough job so far, is suddenly made aware that it’s cock-in-ass time, and that he’s going to have to step up and ply the wood like a hero. He gets her ass ready with another plug, but soon enough pulls it out and starts using his dick. Mouth, then ass (remember that for your own adventures – no matter what else you hear, there’s no good reason to do it the other way). He pounds her backdoor without mercy, and leaves a creampie load just inside the foyer.

You know and love Cherie Deville, who is usually a blowdried, glamorous blonde who looks like someone crossed young Marilyn Chambers and any ’90s Vivid girl. Here, though, she’s looking more or less like a normal woman, mousy brown hair and minimal makeup – you wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the street looking like this, and frankly, I really like it. Part of porn is imagining yourself in the gate, ready to fuck the star, and it’s a lot easier when you see her like this. Cherie is an experienced anal traveller, and she puts on a beautiful POV show, fucking her tits with the cock and slobbering all over it before dirty-talking her way through a solid ass-fucking and a facial.

Florane Russell isn’t pretending she wants anything except some cock – she answers the door in a fuck-me dress that leaves plenty to the imagination but also promises that you can take some pictures later. Florane is a lean blonde with nice C-cup tits, and she doesn’t waste time talking. Where most of the other scenes have at least some dialogue or narration, Florane is content to just get busy; still, she doesn’t hurry, taking a while to get out of her clothes, let alone impaled on a cock. Her dude, who from some angles (fortunately not many) looks kind of like Paul Scheer, is happy to wait until she’s ready to spread those cheeks and give him some toys to prep her with. With no dialogue, this is a quiet, contemplative scene that still has lots of hard fucking and a load of cum at the end.

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