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‘In Love With Anal Sex’: Lesbians Love It Too!

In Love With Anal Sex

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All-girl anal sex puzzles me a little bit. I mean, I think of anal as one of those things that dudes pester women about, and that women occasionally deliver on birthdays and anniversaries as a reward for good behavior. I know, experientially, that there are women – non-pornstar women – who love it in the ass, but it seems like two women together would be less obsessed with the back door. Anal always seems to me like it’s the kind of thing that guys want because women are reluctant to do it – as per the laws of sexual supply and demand – but “In Love with Anal Sex” is about girls who love it in the ass and don’t need men to do the dirty work, and who am I to say it doesn’t happen?

It’s easy for Kira Noir to tell poor Jade Baker that she’s better off without her cheating shitheel boyfriend, but that kind of talk is just words. Fortunately, Kira is a woman of action, and since she knows that Jade will miss that big dick more than the man it’s attached to, she brings a big dick of her own over to help Jade shake the blues. She straps it on and shows Jade that lesbians can fuck a girl’s ass just as hard as any dick sporting a dick. Her big black dildo fills up Jade’s ass and makes her forget all about that cheating rat, especially when Kira lets her strap it on and fuck her ass in return! The girls cum all over each other and collapse exhausted together.

Kenzie Taylor knows reporters like to make a big deal out of nothing, so she expects Serena Blair to turn her lesbian molehill into a mountain, but Serena throws her a curveball when she bypasses the Sapphic activity entirely and digs into Kenzie’s love of ass sex instead. Kenzie’s not sure how getting fucked anally relates to her political ambitions, but she’s all in when Serena says she’ll write a glowiing article if Kenzie shows her exactly how to treat a future president’s asshole with fingers and tongue. Reporter and politician make a handshake agreement to keep the tongue-wagging in the ass instead of in the newspapers.

Jane Wilde and Gia Derza are in college now, but they’re still nerds, and when they reminisce about the anal squirting fanfiction they used to write, they find out exactly how horny they are. Gia and Jane start trawling the internet for some pussy, and stumble across the head cheerleader from high school, who they catfish and lure into a revenge ambush. They’re kind of surprised when Lena Paul apologizes for being a huge asshole in high school, and their catfishing plan turns into a lesbian anal strapon threeway that none of them will ever forget. It’s time for the two sexy nerds to score with the popular girl, and Lena, who loves pussy just as much as the two dykes now, gets what she always wanted!

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