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‘Seduce Your Dad Type 2’: Family Fun

Studio: Porn Pros

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I’m gonna let you know up front that I don’t know what Seduce Your Dad Type #2 means, and there’s no coherent explanation for it in the movie of the same name. It has the sound of a Japanese cartoon, or of a family fantasy title written by Eastern Europeans who don’t know how English works, but it isn’t. The dialogue is in English, spoken mostly by Americans, except for Esperanza del Horno, who is – weirdly – Dutch. The plotting, where there is any, is Americanly terrible, and there is nothing to indicate that anyone involved with it is any less eloquent than anyone else in porn. I’m just going to assume that it’s okay, though, because it’s from Porn Pros and they’re pros, right?

Jessica Rex is a very very dirty girl who needs a bath, and she doesn’t bother to lock the door, which is why somebody’s dad – or at least, one assumes, a family member of some kind – is basically just able to walk in and start showering in the stall next to the tub. Nobody really talks about why, but then this isn’t one of thsoe situations where talking would matter much. Jessica shows off enough that he’s tempted to come out and fuck her, and they get it on in the spacious bathroom. Jessica kneels to suck cock, then climbs aboard to get fucked in RCG, gets on hands and knees for doggy, rides cowgirl, spreads wide for missionary, and takes a load on the face.

There is at least a little plot in Kenzie Kai‘s scene – a pair of step-sibs sniping at each other until one of them blackmails the other into fucking him. There’s no dad business going on, but there is family play, at least nominally. “Oh, my gosh, you have such a big dick,” she says, and then the report card is forgotten in the welter of flying clothes. kenzie is a good cocksucker, but getting fucked is where she really shines. She has a slim body and tiny tits, but a big appetite for dick, and she takes every inch right up until the facial.

The guy Esperanza del Horno is fucking is certainly old enough to be her dad, but he could also be her porn stepbrother. Either way, a family connection is plausible, but there’s no dialogue to let us know what’s going on. She just oils up his dick and starts stroking, which frankly is kind of what I would want her to do to me, and after ninety-five percent of a great handjob climbs on for a ride. There’s a lot of POV fucking in every position, and he finally pulls out to pop on her spread pussy lips in RCG.

Kenzie Reeves gets caught frolicking – that’s the only word for what she’s doing – in what we have to figure is Ryan Driller’s backyard, for some reason (we may be meant to assume he’s a family member of her best friend, as is often the case in porn), and she offers to let him fuck her if he doesn’t tell her mom that she’s not in school. As Ryan says more than once, none of that makes a goddamn lick of sense, but it does land us in the bedroom with Kenzie on her knees sucking cock, and that’s really what we came for. Kenzie is a little blonde with tiny tits and a deceptively innocent-looking mouth that stil manages to take all of his cock, and a hungry pussy to match. Kenzie fucks Ryan to a standstill and takes his load on her face.

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