Young Girl's First Orgasm porn video

POV Pleasures: ‘A Young Girl’s First Orgasm’

A Young Girl’s First Orgasm

Studio: Porn Pros

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It’s going to take a lot to convince me that any of the girls in the new PornPros POV title A Young Girl’s First Orgasm” is on her first orgasm, is all I’m saying. Maybe I’ve been in porn too long, maybe I’m a little jaded, maybe it’s just that I’ve seen all these girls before, but I have my doubts. Of course, it is possible that all the scenes I’ve seen them in before featured them faking it. Maybe these really are their first orgasms. Maybe I should just relax and trust in the goodness of the world and the honesty of young women. I know that this isn’t what #believeher is about, but it’s probably best if I just go ahead and take that to heart. You should too. Let’s try together.

Alyssa Cole is out by the pool and doesn’t mind at all behing doused with oil and rubbed down. I mean, she’s lying there with her tits out – how else do you handle a situation like that? It’s practically an engraved invitation. Once you get her bottoms off, there’s no stopping you – she ends up with her ass in the air and your tongue in her pussy, then on her knees sucking your cock. She rides you in a way that suggests this isn’t her first rodeo and moans in a way that pretty much confirms it. The odd camera rig makes for kind of a weird POV effect – it’s head mounted and sometimes you can see your own nose – but Alyssa is cute and takes a facial happily, so you can’t complain too much.

Tiny little Elsa Jean does a nice striptease in the bathroom and then gives you a loving and attentive handjob/blowjob in the bathtub, working your cock with skill and care. You don’t come yet, which is a surprise because that is one great blowjob, but be happy about that because it means you get to fuck that pussy (although you do spend some time going down on her – maybe even enough to have gotten through your refractory period); missionary, doggy, cowgirl and RCG ensue, and then Elsa Jean has to get in the shower again to wash off her face after you blow a big POV load on it.

Kristen Scott isn’t wearing nearly enough clothing to be out in this weather, but she’s wearing even less once you get her into your car and start groping her. Your inclination is to say that it’s hard to believe she’s never had an orgasm, but a girl who just climbs into a car and starts blowing a guy with a POV camera on his face might be the kind of girl for whom orgasm is something one chases rather than something one has. Far be it from me to slut-shame, though – Kristen is definitely a giver, and she’s very good to your cock, right up to the point when you pull out of her tight pussy and shoot into her open mouth and across her face.

Daisy Stone wants to know if you guys are just going to sit around and watch movies or what, or if maybe you can go out to dinner or something – anything, really – but you’re kind of a shitty boyfriend and you don’t really care that she wants to go out. Sure, you make promises, but once you come in her mouth, you’re going to fall asleep and she’s going to let you do it. I feel like you have a history of this kind of behavior, and one day she’s going to dump you for it, but for now you’re going to get away with it, because you have a big dick. And she loves the way you rim her asshole. You don’t get to fuck it, but the movie you were going to sit around and watch turns out to be the POV one you make that ends with a facial.

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