Trans Superstar Khloe Kay porn video

‘Trans Superstar Khloe Kay’: Aiden Starr Delivers Again

Trans Superstar Khloe Kay

Evil Angel doesn’t have a lock on amazing trans features, by any means, but the awesome director-driven company really does put out a lot of high-end trans content. I like seeing that, and knowing their stuff is still in the forefront of the revolution. Aiden Starr, the current Prometheus of mainstream kink, is still holding high the torch that Joey Silvera has mostly handed off, and Khloe Kay is the latest trans hottie to get her own feature in Trans Superstar Khloe Kay.

Khloe starts her day off with Dante Colle, who is an interesting model of a man. I won’t go into it much here, except to say that there seems to be a particular (and frankly admirable, lest you mistake me) kind of guy who shows up in trans movies. Metrosexual, certainly, the kind of man with a bottomy vibe who wouldn’t be out of place in gay porn, but who is definitely more toppy in the trans features. It’s an odd little disconnect for someone who has spent as much of his life watching straight porn as I have. Khloe demonstrates her deepthroat skills, which are considerable, on Dante, and he does his best to reciprocate, but either Khloe’s trans dick isn’t really the kind that gets hard or Dante isn’t the kind of guy she gets hard for. They switch to anal and Dante fucks her in doggy, missionary and reverse cowgirl. Toward the end, Khloe does get hard enough to jack off while she’s getting fucked, and she shoots an appreciable load just before Dante does.

Khloe isn’t just a one-man trans woman – she’s got what it takes to handle more than one cock, and she’s perfectly happy with more than one dude paying attention to her. Luckily, Michael DelRay and Wolf Hudson are waiting in the wings for just such an occasion; they take her from opposite ends, fucking her mouth and licking her ass and then switching off, then start fucking her from both ends. With a cock in her mouth and one in her ass, Khloe moans her way to a pair of facials, but no orgasm of her own.

The evidence so far indicates that Khloe likes the cock, but next up is alt-porn veteran Dana DeArmond (who, if she appeared out of nowhere today and you didn’t know her history, would look like just another MILF) in a scene with a number of artificial dicks (and speaking of artificial, Dana’s tits are looking huge, but on further review appear still to be unenhanced). For a long time, it looks like it’s going to be all toys, but in the end, Khloe gets her trans cock into Dana’s mouth, pussy and finally ass, and delivers a facial of her own.

Part strip club, part hell? Khloe’s the kind of girl you could get a lap dance from and then fuck in the back room – or at least you hope she is – and if you’d only been in the right place at the right time you could have had a piece of her. Which piece? Hard to say, but if you could fight your way past Pierce Paris, Dillon Diaz, Johnny Hill, and Michael DelRay as they surround her and bombard her with dick, you could pretty much take your choice. Khloe goes so far as to take two cocks in her ass as these four trans hounds can’t be bothered to wait their turn, and although her hard cock mostly goes to waste here, she ends up taking three loads on her face and one on her cock.

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