Perfectly Trimmed Bush porn video

‘Perfectly Trimmed Bush’: The Hair Down There

Perfectly Trimmed Bush

There are as many kinds of perfectly trimmed bush as there are men who like looking at bushes. Some of us like a nice dense thicket, some a light fuzz of short hair that leaves the pussy still visible; some prefer a little patch that just tops off the slit, and some don’t like any hair at all. Which kind will we see in “Perfectly Trimmed Bush 9“? Well, I don’t know, fuck. You’re going to have to watch with me. (Spoiler alert: This movie isn’t really about bushes.)

Mackenzie Mace has been caught out in the rain and needs a place to shower. Don’t even ask. It’s clearly an excuse to fuck her neighbor, and she invites him into his own shower, they trade oral, and then she climbs on that big dick and rides him on cowgirl and RCG, during which time we see that her bush is lightly trimmed into a standard triangle that covers her pussy but leaves her clit and lips visible. She takes a facial.

Alina Lopez has some solid yoga skills, many of which put her pussy and ass in perfect position to be viewed and appreciated by us and ultimately penetrated by the guy who has been standing there also viewing and appreciating. Her bush doesn’t come into view until she’s pretty much done stretching, but when it does, it proves to be a little triangle above her clit. Alina gets a good vibing, sucks cock, rides the D, and takes a facial.

Eliza Ibarra can’t stand that her neighbors are having such loud sex, but frustration and banging on the wall turns into horniness and masturbation, and Eliza ends up spread out on the couch ramming a dildo into a pussy that is pretty much completely shaved except for a wide triangle of bush far enough above her cunt that it hardly even counts any more. When her neighbor comes over to apologize, she makes him pay for his transgressions by fucking him silly and letting him shoot on her face.

I’m enjoying looking at Evelyn Claire‘s ass in the skirt so much that I almost don’t care what her bush looks like, but I’m not here for my own enjoyment. I’m here to report. There’s some plot, but we’re here to talk about bush. When Evelyn’s comes out to play, it’s another triangle above her mons that looks a little lusher than the others, like it wasn’t grown out specifically for this scene. Her man spends some time face down in it, but deploys the dick in the end, and Evelyn shudders to orgasm after orgasm on the end of it and eventually takes – of course – a load on the face.

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