A Day With Clea porn video

Anal Pornstar Adventures: ‘A Day with Clea’

A Day With Clea

Are you curious about what a day with an anal porn star would be like? Would you like to spend time with Clea Gaultier? She is a porn star, and Franck Vicomte, working for Marc Dorcel, thinks she’s interesting enough to offer up one of her days for you to participate in. Is she? Well, I don’t know. I’m guessing, though, even if she isn’t, we won’t find out about it in “A Day with Clea”, which is clearly about how interesting a porn star’s life is. According to the copy on the box, “With strangers, friends or professional contacts, every meetup is a good opportunity for her to take pleasure and, above all, to give pleasure,” so buckle up!

Your day with Clea starts off with her telling you that she’s planning on doing some shopping with a friend, but fetching her morning coffee gets you a sloppy blowjob and a hot fuck that starts off vaginal and finishes up anal.

After breakfast, Clea leaves and the POV switches to some dude at the gym who is helping a bunch of hot girls firm up their asses and wondering how to fuck them. Clea exacerbates the situation by showing off her ass, but then leaves when Amirah Adara gets his cock out and starts sucking. Lilu Moon is eager to stay, though, and you end up fucking both of their asses.

Now that Clea’s out on her shopping trip, she has lunch with her best friend Darcia Lee, who comes in to the changing room at the lingerie store and shows as much power to resist Clea’s charms as anyone else, which is to say none at all. Darcia doesn’t know which outfit she likes better on Clea, but she does know she likes Clea naked, and they have a steamy lesbian frolic in the changing room. Not a lot of anal here, but at least there’s the lesbian action to fall back on.

On the way to the next shoot, Clea gives you a call from the car, but it’s just a tease – she’s got work to do, and you get to stew until it’s done. The photographer is getting all your action, meanwhile – he tells her to pose like she’s trying to turn him on, and since she’s a professional, she gets him so hard he can’t keep from fucking her in mouth, pussy, and that well-traveled ass.

Clea’s day is over, and you meet her in a bar after work. You demonstrate some troubling jealousy issues – not a good sign when you’re dating a porn star who is clearly willing to fuck anyone who happens by. She’s willing also to blow you in the bar, though, so the tradeoffs are obvious. Even having had a blowjob, though, your eyes wander (pretty ballsy for a guy who says he doesn’t want Clea seeing other men), and although Clea notices you looking at a hot blonde, she doesn’t mind and proposes a threesome with Alexis Crystal, who accompanies you back at your apartment and also lets you fuck her ass. Clea, it turns out, likes it all.

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