Angela White: Dark Side porn video

‘Angela White: Darkside’: In Case Anal Wasn’t Dark Enough

Angela White: Dark Side

Given what you’ve seen Angela White do in the past, it might surprise you to find out that Jules Jordan still thinks there’s a Dark Side to her that you didn’t know about. I mean, we’ve seen gangbangs, blowbangs, anal, double penetrations, double pussy penetrations, double anal penetrations, interracial versions of those things, and pretty much everything else a woman can do with a truckload of cocks. So what’s new, Jules? Well, funny you should ask. There’s a triple penetration on the table today (and it is literally on a table). Which brings up a question: when does extremity becme simply showmanship, no longer exciting but only spectacle for its own sake. For me, I think it’s triple penetration. You should watch Angela White: Darkside for yourself, though, and see where you land.

It may not be revolutionary, but it is exciting. You can say what you want about spectacle for its own sake, but one great thing about a movie like this is that it puts all the filth in one place. It will be nice to have one movie with everything you want to see Angela doing so you don’t have to go looking. Those huge tits, that capacious ass, that hungry pussy – it’s all right here.

There’s a lot of spectacle, but there’s a lot of fucking, too. Angela does pretty much everything that’s legal to do except have sex with trans people. After nearly twenty minutes of pageantry, Angela invades a warehouse where she finds Jules Jordan and Markus Dupree waiting for her, She teases them and they fall on her like starving wolves, but she’s the one whose appetites really get sated. She takes both cocks in every hole, in pretty much every combination of two dicks and three holes that can be arranged, squirts all over everything, and then takes two loads on her face.

And speaking of loads, that is what she ends up with at the end of the second scene, in which she chokes on a dozen dicks while getting ehr pussy fingered, her ass eaten, and her tits mauled by a lineup (and sometimes just a crowd) of horny dudes. Interracial ceases to mean much when she’s just taking every dick that comes by, but there’s interracial, too. She deploys a goblet, collects most of fourteen loads (some guys aren’t as precise as they might be), and drinks it down.

The next couple of scenes are almost tame by comparison – she takes on Dredd, whose cock is admittedly kind of a show in itself, and wears him out. She smacks herself in the face with that monster dick, takes it in every hole although she can’t get any appreciable percentage of him in her mouth, and even tosses Dredd’s salad for him along the way. Her asshole is a hungry one, and Dredd is one of the few people who can take full advantage of fucking her massive tits; that and the rimming puts him over the edge, and he shoots on her face. Mick Blue is his usual frantic self, but he has nothing to offer in the way of size or quantity that Angela isn’t getting in every other scene; the nighttime swimming pool scene with him is almost a nice breather for the beleaguered Angela.

Likewise the scene with Autumn Falls, a busty brunette who looks enough like Angela that when they’re covered in oil and tangled together, suffering the attentions of Markus Dupree (whose incomprehensible screaming and horny-little-boy frenzy brings to mind Rocco Siffredi at his silliest), they are essentially indistinguishable. There’s squirting, lots of noise, and over it all, Markus Dupree acting like he’s on the mother of all coke benders. I have to say, this is another scene that for me strays from the sexy and into the kind of territory that people mean when they complain that porn gives teens unreasonable ideas about human sexuality.

What’s left, then, but the big orgy scene? I don’t think you need me to describe it, so I’ll just leave you to it yourself. All I really have to say is that if you’ve liked the movie up to now, you’ll like the orgy, with its single, double and triple penetrations, dozen-plus cumshots, and nonstop excess.


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