At Your Mercy porn video

‘At Your Mercy’: Lesbians Taking Control



Whenever you see a Sex Art movie, you know you’re going to get somethingt hat at least looks pretty, and At Your Mercy is no exception. As is the case with so much porn these days, the easy availability of the cream of Eastern European womanhood means the cast is always fresh and the bodies nubile and lithe. The cover copy on At Your Mercy” says it’s about how you only really achieve true pleasure when you allow someone else to take complete control of you, which sounds like an introduction to lesbian bondage lite; let’s go together hand in hand and see how that looks, shall we?

Eufrat Mai and Whitney Conroy certainly don’t seem like they have that much of a power dynamic going on, although Whitney is definitely the one pushing the pace. She gets Eufrat up against a wall and buries her face in that pussy, then gets her leg in between Eufrat’s thighs for a good grinding. Eufrat bends over and Whitney fingers her from behind and then they take a nice hot – and I mean really hot – shower. It’s all mouths and fingers and wetness all over the place with orgasms galore for these lesbian lovers.

There is some drama going on with Alexa Tomas and Mango and Lola Reve, but for the life of me I can’t tell what it’s about; thankfully it appears to be resolved quickly, and two of th three lesbians start making out in the manner of people who were eager to get to this point; wisely, Sex Art chooses not to bother with any dialogue, leaving the Spanish Alexa and the Russian Mango (elsewhere aka Clover) to use their tongues in other, more productive, pursuits. Alexa puts the arm of a couch to good use in positioning Mango for a good finger-fucking, and the tension is pretty much dissipated.

It looks like Lola Reve has been watching Mango’s antics and wants in; without a word spoken, she accosts Mango, who’s dressing after her playtime with Alexa, and interrupts the dressing process to make some fun of her own. Mango has no objections, and lies back and spreads her legs for the second shift. I didn’t know lesbians were so easy, but maybe it’s different in Europe. Lola clearly knows what she’s doing, judging from the noises Mango makes, but then Mango is also already pretty keyed up from her time with Alexa. Minor key music lets us know that Mango is a little conflicted, but happily, even after the second bout of goodby sex, we don’t have to deal with that, and we can move on to Frida and Tania.

I wish I could tell you which of these lesbians is Frida and which one is Tania, but without any dialogue to go by – I know, it’s a double-edged sword, isn’t it? – there’s no way to say. One of them is a tall, severe-looking blonde with her hair drawn back tight, and the other is a brunette who looks mostly orgasmic but at other times faintly annoyed by the blonde’s aggressive attention. Each gets her turn at the wheel, though – the brunette works the blonde’s pussy from behind and gets a lot of noise out of her in return.

Silvie Luca and Tracy Lindsay have a little dialogue, but except for the texts that she gets from whoever is spying on Tracy, it’s in Czech (probably), so we have to guess from context what’s going on with these two lesbians and whoever is behind the texts, which isn’t difficult. Whoever is texting wants to see her dress up sexy, and fortunately Silvie is there to help her get the clothes on, and then off again. In front of a big open window, blonde Tracy and brunette Silvie put on a show for Tracy’s boyfriend, sugar daddy, or possibly stalker. It’s a good show.

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