Age of Consent 4 porn video

‘Age of Consent 4’: Which Teen Would You Like Today?

There’s not really much to say about the appeal of Age of Consent #4” – I mean, it’s young hot girls who like to fuck, right? What’s not to like? There are different flavors of teens, though – your out-of-the box sluts, with plenty of experience under their belts, your eager learners, your reluctant shy girls – so you can pick and choose about what you get from them, Let’s find out what “Age of Consent #4” has to offer, shall we?

I wish I could do better than this for you, but I can’t tell what kind of teen Zoe Doll is because her scene is entirely in Spanish. She seems coquettish, reluctant and whorish by turns, and she could be any kind of teen. She gets groped in her sleep and doesn’t seem too upset about it. If I had to guess, I’d say the play is “Your room is a mess, and I’m going to tell mom you had a party if you don’t fuck me,” but I could be way off. In any case, she ends up sucking, fucking, and taking a load on the belly.

Crissy Kay‘s agent has sent the cute little blonde out for her first porn tryout, so she’s eager, but inexperienced. She does a little striptease, slaps her ass, shows off her tits and tats, spreads her pussy, shows how she likes to masturbate (just fingers on her clit, mostly), and then gets on her knees to ciuck cock. It’s the old audition trick! Crissy has sucked cocks before, and she’s okay with it, but it’s not her favorite thing. She definitely likes getting fucked, though, in cowgirl and RCG, doggy and missionary, and she takes the facial with good grace.

Aria Logan is another blonde teen with tiny tits who hasn’t even finished getting her makeup on when she gets groped in the bathroom and fucked from behind while she’s on the phone with a friend. You cvan’t hear any of what she’s saying about it, but that’s okay – I doubt it was anything interesting, and anyway it is (probably) in Ukrainian. Once her harasser gets her to put the phone down, the scene proceeds mostly without dialogue, through the usual blowjob and fuck positions and the usual cumshot, which is at least not a facial.

Elizabeth Jolie is so blonde and perfect that she looks like a cartoon elf princess. She wants to be a Skeet girl, and she thinks she’d be good at it because she “is amazing at posing, sucks dick so sloppery-like, and she fucks really hard.” So she’s that kind of teen, and she goes on to prove it. There’s not denying that she does suck dick pretty sloppery-like, and although her attempts at twerking are laughable, she does have a nice ass, which does not get fucked. Everything else does, though, and Elizabeth turns out to be a perfect Skeet girl, right down to not totally loving the facial, but taking it anyway.

Carolina Abril doesn’t have anyone to grope her in her bathroom, so she has to do it herself, showing off her tits, drooling on her nipples, and then invading her own bedroom to molest the guy she has stashed there. The cute little Latina has come up with a fun twist on the waking-up-a-teen-in-bed scenario, and she shows how much she likes cock with a loving blowjob followed by a rousing fuck that has all the immediacy of good amateur porn right up to a messy creampie that she tops off by stuffing the wilting cock back in her pussy and riding it some more.

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