She's So Small 20 porn video

Tiny Teens: ‘She’s So Small 20’

There’s small and then there’s porn star small. I don’t know what the average height of the female porn star is – although there’s a case to be made nowadays that it’s probably just the same as the average height of the American woman, given how many of them are in porn – but there’s a definite set of advantages to being tiny in this business. For one thing, tiny girls make the dicks look bigger, and for another, it’s easy to throw them around a room (I know you’re thinking about spinners, but the truth is that’s just not really a thing). There’s no denying that a tiny little girl is a delight, though, so let’s enjoy She’s So Small 20.

Jasmine Grey, who at 4’9″ falls within the technical range that defines little people, is chirpy, cute, and slutty, and the show she puts on for her webcam friends involves a dildo with a not-insignificant percentage of her total height, but when she gets an offer of a real dick, she signs off and gets ready for a fucking. When her cock arrives, she sucks as much of it as she can, takes a licking in return, and climbs aboard to get her innards rearranged in cowgirl, RCG and doggie before taking a load on her little pierced 30A tits.

Megan Winters, at 5’6″, isn’t exactly a monster, but she’s not on the smaller end of the porn star scale, either. Still, she weighs in at 112 pounds, and she’s fucking adorable. With (in this movie at least) red hair and a really cute face, this 19-year-old is a real hot property – she’s got a freshness that a lot of brand-new teens don’t have. She’s frisky and perky while showing off and hot, noisy and slutty while she’s getting fucked, and that’s really what I ask of my teen porn stars. She takes a copious facial after a lot of hard fucking.

Kiara Cole stands 5’1″ tall and weighs in at 85 pounds, which doesn’t make her short but does fall very definitely in the range of small. I don’t keep a comprehensive database, but I think 85 pounds is pretty close to as small as you can get and still have a physical body. Kiara’s physical body is very very nice; she’s blonde and cute with a 32A-22-34 figure that doesn’t look especially skimpy on that little frame. Her scene is a poolside fuck with a huge dick that keeps her moaning and eventually delivers a gooey load all over her upturned face.

Even if Ivy Wolfe doesn’t really belong with the smallest of the small, she’s great to watch. She has a sort of neo-’50s pinup look that makes you think she might be taller than her actual 5’4″. Watching her masturbate is fascinating – she slaps her pussy while working her clit in a way that communicates just how real she’s being – but watching her fuck is even better. There’s a little bondage in her scene, with a pair of big black leather cuffs on her wrists, but it’s not as important as her pure hunger for cock. Watch her suck dick, and you’ll have no doubt about her commitment. The fucking is just icing on the cake, and the facial is just icing on her face.

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