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Tasteful MILF Action: ‘Age and Beauty’

There’s a thing that jerks say when they usher someone through a door – “Age Before Beauty.” It’s stupid at best, one of those things that people get from god knows where, like “Not if I see you first”, that points up the casual awfulness of humanity. But we’re here to talk about porn, which in many ways also illustrates the casual awfulness of humanity, but doesn’t in the case of Age and Beauty, which poses, if silently, the question “Why not both?” and then answers that question by shrugging and saying “Sure, both.”

Nina Hartley is arguably the most notable female porn star of all time, and every time I see her in a movie, I’m glad she’s still going. Generations of men, including Justin Hunt in the latest, have cut their teeth on Nina Hartley; Hunt’s boyish-but-not-teen looks make him a perfect foil for the grandma-level Nina, who plays his old grade-school teacher to perfection. After a tense dinner with the wife, he walks Nina home and then gets sucked in to a MILF tryst I’m glad we waited for. Whatever third grade fantasies he may have had about her are noithing to what she deals out in her home later. Nina has not lost a single step.

Syren de Mer does not have the kind of pedigree that Nina Hartley does, but then Nina has ten years, a thousand credits, and nearly thirty years of screen expereience on her. With Michael Swayze, Syren plays out a scene of two people meeting at a cafe, each of whom expects to be seeing someone their own age, each of whom is disappointed at seeing someone they already know who is an inappropriate age, and each of whom ends up fine with fucking the other. MIchael doesn’t mind a MILF, and Syren is pretty easily convinced that it’s a good idea.

Darla Crane is another of porn’s grandes dames, with nearly thirty years in the business and one of porn’s most icomic too-big boob jobs. She isn’t really convincing as a secretary, but the high production values and atmospheric music in “Age and Beauty” lend her enough protective camouflage to get her through the scene with Seth Gamble in which he tells her that she’s the best executive assistant there’s ever been, and also that he just can’t resist them big MILF titties. Well, not in those words, but he can’t, and she can’t resist that young cock, and before you know it, there’s romance and cum flying everywhere.

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