Lesbian Anal Gapes 3 porn video

‘Lesbian Anal Gapes 3’: Wide (Gaping) Open Spaces

Lesbian Anal Gapes Vol. 3
Studio: Lesbian X

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I’m gonna be a hundred percent upfront here and say, right in the beginning, that I just don’t get gaping. I just don’t see the point. I mean, anal, yes, sure; even stretching out your asshole so you can get a bigger item in there without getting hurt makes sense. but just having a big asshole is not, to me, at least, aesthetically pleasing. It’s like those people who tie up their tits to make them purple and distended. Don’t get it. But, as I never tire of saying, it takes all kinds. In the case of Lesbian Anal Gapes, it takes the kinds who like an asshole that could make Mandingo say “Nothing but net.” Since I know that the gaping is all about the visuals, I’m just going to, mostly, let you enjoy some pictures from Lesbian Anal Gapes 3 here without seeking to distract you too much.

Chloe Cherry and Kenzie Reeves are a pair of hyper-perky blonde pixies whose capacity for both filth and innocent-seeming friskiness will stun you. They are without a doubt dirty little sluts, and their gaping, open asses are hungry and resilient.

Wear a good pair of headphones to fully appreciate the vibrator that Emily Willis and Lexi Lore deploy to tease, torture and tantalize their gaping assholes; it sounds like they are fucking each other with one of those really big model airplanes, the kind that can actually carry little guns.

For me, I like that Zoe Bloom and Vienna Rose are wearing fishnet outfits. You will probably appreciate more their earnest (although mostly modest) attempts at gaping. Everyone has to start somewhere, and these two, while they are not ready for the big leagues, are at least giving it the old junior-college try.

Blonde, slutty-looking Goldie Glock and dark little Jane Wilde don’t exactly blend together, but they do get a respectable amount of aperture out of their butthole efforts. I don’t know how gaping enthusiasts talk about this, but they seem to be doing fine to me.

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