Daddy Daughter Swap 3 porn video

‘Daddy Daughter Swap 3’: What It’s Like in Hustler Country

There are some titles you just have to wonder about, like how the mechanics of a Daddy Daughter Swap 3 are achieved. Like how do you find not just one dad, but two, who are interested in fucking someone else’s daughter but also willing to trade the virtues of their own for the privilege? My experience of dudes is that when it comes to that kind of thing, it’s very much a matter of “me first and the rest of you can shift for yourselves” but maybe I just don’t live in the part of Hustler‘s America where the generous men abide. Or maybe I just don’t know what it’s like to have accepted the fact the my daughter is super slutty and would happily fuck my friends.

There’s little enough plot in Daddy Daughter Swap 3 that you have to kind of wonder why they bothered with any at all. It has some of the trappings of a (very very slightly) more sophisticated movie, but doesn’t really make the effort to do anything more than fake upward a little. Still, we’re in the land of fauxcest, so anything goes. Kiara Cole is a perky little blonde with just enough innocence to her to make her extra-hot when placed next to the comically dirty Charles Dera, who now has, in addition to the porn world’s only remaining porn mustache, an inexplicable mohawk. She’s tiny next to him, and her perfect little body looks fantastic bouncing up and down on his daddy dick. They take a shower together, but the main event begins once they’re dry. Well, he is – she stays wet and slippery for a long time, especially after he shoots on her spread pussy.

In contrast, Charles’ daughter Michele James is dark and curvy; while the little blonde Kiara is cavorting in the shower with her daddy, daughter Michele is out in the living room with Stirling Cooper. Stirling is much smoother and has no goofy mustache, so his pathway into Michele’s panties is considerably less bumpy. Michele’s got great 34DDD tits, and she’s exactly the kind of bad girl Stirling likes. She loves cock and goes straight for his, and there’s no need for the shower gimmick with her. Likewise, Michele doesn’t pretend to be anything but a proud slut – she makes the first move and has no shame, fingering herself while waiting to get fucked (and during getting fucked). Stirling mauls her big tits and gives her a big load on her belly.

Next up are two really weird conversations about daddy-daughter sex. Both Jon Jon and Steve Holmes are not only planning to farm their daughters out to each other, but they’ve told their daughters, and the discussions about how those events are going to go are very, very strange. The daughters are both kind of worried about cock size, which makes sense, and the dads are very reassuring, which is just odd. There’s so little coherent narrative here that I think it’s just better if I tell you that Jon Jon takes slender brunette Danni Rivers out in the garage and shows her his motorcycle, which she declines to ride, and his cock, which she happily climbs on to. She rides like a champ and has no problems with the big dick. Meanwhile, as the tiny-titted brunette is taking a load on her carefully sculpted pussy hair…

Steve is moving much more slowly but just as inexorably with his friend’s daughter, Natalie Knight. She plays it a little more cool, seeming reluctant but never saying no as he creeps in, pulls down her top, pulls up her skirt, and starts getting busy with his fingers. Natalie plays the reluctant ingenue well, but is all in when the cock starts flying. She moans, screams and comes on his big dick (she also has no problem with size when it finally comes down to the moment of daddy-daughter penetration) and generally shows that she’s as big a slut as any of these other daddy-fucking girls. She’s got nice small tits, a perfect bouncy ass, and a pretty face that looks good with cum all over it.

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