My First Interracial 15 porn video

‘My First Interracial 15’: Big Black Cock, Tiny Blonde Girls

You can count on Blacked to match up the tiniest white girls with the biggest black dicks, and My First Interracial 15┬áis, as you would expect after fifteen iterations – no exception to the well-tested rule. Even if we can all agree that none of these girls is actually new to black cocks, the contrast of size and color makes these efforts worth watching. Blacked always features stark backgrounds that emphasize that interracial contrast, and even when we stipulate that interracial porn is inherently based on the assumption that black men are dangerous and forbidden, it’s still visually gorgeous.

Tiny delicate blonde Naomi Swann‘s left home alone when her boyfriend leaves early, and her first encounter with his roommate Jax Slayher is a memorable one. When they both end up in the kitchen half-naked, it’s just a matter of time until they end up fully naked in the bedroom. In spite of Naomi’s pretense at surprise, the 5’3″ blonde is ready to get fucked immediately by some BBC. We could talk some here about the potential for healthy poly relationships, but it seems like the appeal for most is going to be the frisson of interracial cheating with a black dick. Jax has no problem betraying his roommate by fucking his tiny white girlfriend, and you have to suspect that both relationships are probably doomed, even if Mark doesn’t notice the stains on his bedsheets and the cum all over his girlfriend’s face.

Alex Grey is another tiny (5’3″ and 95 pounds) cheating slut who gives ten seconds of lip service to the idea that fucking her boyfriend’s roommate makes her a bad person, but then several minutes of lip service to Louie Smalls‘ cock, followed by a lot of pussy service. Louie, for his part, has no compunctions about having his way with Alex, which makes me think he probably expects Peter to do the laundry and pay more than his fair share of the bills. Still, he does have a big black cock and maybe that’s a draw for the ethereally pale Alex, who rides it, sucks it, takes it from behind, and rhapsodizes about it until it shoots a load across her pretty face.

Emma Starletto‘s friend Serena has a big black brother – Rob Piper – who is hilariously brothery to her and appealingly big and black to Emma, who contrives an excuse to come over while Serena’s not home to get astride that dick, which she knows is going to be giant. It is, and while Emma can’t even come close to getting it in her mouth, she does take an appreciable percentage of it in her pussy. Like the rest of the girls, Emma is tiny and blonde, and although she isn’t stepping out on a boyfriend, she is fucking her best friend’s brother behind her back, so there’s some cheating there for you. Emma has tiny 32A tits and a bare pussy that looks delicate but swallows Rob’s cock easily. It also swallows, but then spits back out, Rob’s cum, as she takes a creampie and then pushes the jizz back out on his cock.

Our final tiny blonde, Kenzie Reeves, is alone in that she is not cheating on a friend or lover; instead, she is jeopardizing a business relationship with her manager, BBC Jason Luv, with whom she finds it difficult to work because his bigness and blackness and cock ownership is too distracting. Eventually, as these things will, the pot comes to a boil, and Kenzie – 4’10”, 90 pounds, and sporting a frankly outsized set of 32B tits – demands a day off work in favor of getting fucked. Who’s going to say no to that? Not Jason, who sits back to let her find out just how much of that BBC she can get in her mouth and pussy. Kenzie does a lot of the work here, especially in getting fucked from behind, and it’s clear that she likes what she’s getting, right down to the creampie she takes in cowgirl.

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