Make Her Submit 7 porn video

‘Make Her Submit 7’: Lesbians Taking a Firm Hand

Make Her Submit 7

The thing about girls – even lesbians – is that they don’t always know what they want. I mean, sure, some girls just wanna have fun, but they don’t always know exactly how that fun is going to look. Fortunately, women – and by women I mean older women, mature women, experienced women – have a much firmer grasp on both what they like, what younger girls like, and – as you will see – on the younger women themselves. And sometimes the girls, as girls will, resist the wisdom of their elders, in which case they just have to be shown the error of their ways, even if it means a little pressure has to be applied. So it is in “Make Her Submit 7“.

You’d almost think slender young Abby Adams locked herself out of the house on purpose in order to spend time with her busty, sexy neighbor; when Rachael Cavalli invites her in to spend the night, she puts the moves on the towering older woman and won’t take no for an answer – even though Rachael never once says no. She says yes, please, harder, and fuck me, but never no. The two blonde lesbians get started with fingers and tongues in the kitchen, break out a strapon harness and dildo, and move into the bedroom for an explosive fuck that paves the way for a lot more overnights.

Natalie Knight was on her way over to her boyfriend’s house to break up with him – it turns out she thinks she might be a lesbian. She’s never been with a woman, though, and when she confesses both of these things to his mom, Bella Rolland thinks it’s only fair to her son that Natalie know what she’s getting into before she makes a decision like that. Luckily, she knows her way around a pussy – from her younger years, maybe? – so she takes the tiny little blonde in hand and shows her what she’s been missing. From scissoring to pussy-eating to a solid strapon fucking, Mom helps out with a tough decision (it doesn’t go well for her son).

College is a time for trying new things, so when the vagaries of dorm life leave Sabina Rouge and Vanna Bardot in a dorm room with just one bed to share for the whole semester, they have to make the best of it. The best of it is sharing clothes, free massages, cuddling, girl talk, and plenty of orgasms from the fingering, pussy-eating, mutual masturbation and strapon fucking that two girls will eventually get up to if you leave a pair of (maybe) lesbians alone for longer than a few minutes. Both Sabina and Vanna do a lot of crucial ab and core work fucking each other – it’s going to be a good year!

Kendra James and Krystal Orchid are involved in a scene that has a lot going for it – ambitiously for a girl-girl vignette in the seventh iteration of a series – including an absent stepdad, financial troubles, teen angst, internecine feuding, a magical fortune cookie, and a Freaky Fridayish body swap (not to mention the lesbian sex), but really, what it comes down to for me is two fuckable redheads. Kendra and Krystal do some fine acting, but it comes down to two fuckable redheads for them too, and they do exactly what any sensible person would do in their situation and fuck each other. All I have to say about it, really, is “two fuckable redheads.”

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