Forbidden Family Affairs Vol. 13 porn video

‘Forbidden Family Affairs 13’: Intimate Relations

It occurs to me that while pretty much all family affairs are forbidden, some are more forbidden than others. The ones that involve a father and daughter are at the top of the list, I think – first among equals, if you will – but after that, it’s a jumble. Like father/somn would be worse than mother/son, if you were kind of homophobic, but brother/sister might trump that if you were thinking of the possible male/female power imbalance. Mother/son seems pretty innocuous, comparatively speaking, but uncle/niece is almost inherently creepy even though it seems less likely than any of the others to involve a long-term nonconsensuality. And mother/daughter could even, viewed in the right light, have a kind of mystical woman’s-magic kind of romance to it. Let’s see what “Forbidden Family Affairs 13” has in store for us on the inappropriate-o-meter, shall we?

Chad White just got dumped and he lusts for revenge almost as much as he lusts for his sisterĀ Brooke Karter, who is shocked at the idea of helping him make a revenge porn video, but not so shocked that she doesn’t get right on her knees to suck his cock in exchange for access to the car for the week. The nubile little blonde sucks, fucks, and rides her brother’s big dick, taking him in every position and letting him film the whole thing, including the facial. Revenge is sweet, and having family to help you exact it is even sweeter.

Kyle’s family knows he’s a good boy – pious, chaste, and virtuous – so they hope he’ll be a good influence on his cousin, Nova Cane, a fallen woman who has gotten mixed up with a bad crowd. What they don’t count on is Nova being a pretty strong personality herself, and the Gothy teen, even dressed up in prim clothes, still manages to be a bad influence on her innocent cousin. He’s never had a blowjob, but the second she takes his dick out, he’s lost. An hour later, he has a new body of carnal knowledge under his belt, and his parents aren’t too surprised to see Nova with a face full of cum, but they’re shocked to see who put it there.

There’s not a lot of substance to the scene with Lexi Lore, nor is there any credible acting. Dad tells the perky, innocent blonde that she’s going to have to stay in her parents’ bed while her own room is being renovated, and she has no problem with that. She also has no problem with being groped, licked and fucked next to her sleeping mom, but that is, no doubt, because she’s a horny little slut with family fantasies of her own.

Jade Amber‘s dad really wants to get his nerdy son out of the house, so he bribes her with the car keys – a popular incentive, it seems – to see if she can make him cool. After a pretty thorough makeover, she decides that having made him fuckable, she might as well get to fuck him. The sexy black-haired sister is amazed to find out about his big cock, but not as amazed as he is when she gets on her knees and starts sucking. She takes advantage of his naivete to teach him how to fuck a woman, and he’s so grateful that he leaves her with a huge facial.

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