Reform School Girls 3 porn video

‘Reform School Girls 3’: Lesbians Up the River

I thought reform schools were an artifact of the past, a relic of the fifties that disappeared about the same time as the big bnad and the word reefer, but clearly I’m wrong, because here’s a reform school with nothing but hot and very bad girls in it. Some of the girls in “Reform School Girls 3” are the kind of lesbians who would be all about dick if they were in a prison with dicks available, but some of them are just women who love women. I mean, wayward sluts who love women, but still. That’s the kind of reform school I like.

Brand-new Mimi (Kenna James) is a mystery to the rest of the girls at Kitty’s Reform School (the highest rated reform school in the state!), including her roommate Heather, the school bully Maria, and the horny lesbian slut-in-residence, but there are other mysterious things going on there – like a steamy midnight shower tryst between Maria (Cadence Lux) and Miss Patty (Serene Siren), the head evil henchwoman.

Mimi finds out what all women find out when they go to prison, or just practice prison – that the best way to turn a woman into a lesbian is to put her behind bars and let her sit for a few days. Mimi and her roommate Heather (Bree Daniels) fall in love right off the bat and end up contravening every single rule the place has to offer. The regulations say no touching, but they touch everywhere they can, with fingers and tongues inside and out.

Snitches get stitches, except when they’re also fucking important bitches, as is the case with Florence (Chloe Cherry) and Dominique (Reagan Foxx) when Florence reports her roommate’s forbidden lesbian action to Miss Patty, for which she is rewarded with some forbidden lesbian action. The two horny dykes get busy licking, make each other come hard and often, and finish up just before they get interrupted.

Turns out Mimi is a cop, and her contact on the outside is helping her with a sting operation. They’re trying to find a missing girl – someone who got caught snitching and got disappeared. Charlotte Stokely plays the cop who really ought to be paying 24/7 attention to the case but still spends a little time having hot sex with her lesbian girlfriend Chloe Foster. You;d think with all the great lesbian fucking going on, everyone would be happy where they are, but the world doesn’t always make sense.

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