My Dad's TS Girlfriend Vol. 2 porn video

‘My TS Girlfriend 2’: Trans Action from Aiden Starr

I love hot trans women, I love Aiden Starr, and I love what Aiden Starr does with hot trans women, so My TS Girlfriend 2┬áis a natural for me, and it probably will be for you too. With one exception, the scenes are great through and through, and even the one that isn’t is just a matter of personal preference on my part. If you’re here, you already know what you’re in for – this isn’t one of those vague titles that makes you wonder what it might be about – so let’s just get on with enjoying the fun, shall we?

I’m of two minds about Sean Michaels. On the one hand, he’s a legit big star, and it’s good to see someone high-profile in trans porn, because it brings attention and legitimacy to the genre, which is always good. On the other hand he wears his sunglasses through the whole scene, which is distracting and douchey. Also, he never once puts any part of his body on Lianna Lawson‘s dick, which is at best ungentlemanly and at worst kind of homophobic, and seems to more or less obviate the point of fucking a woman with a nice dick in the first place. And Lianna, mind you, has a nice dick. It’s long, it’s hard, and it’s lonely – she has to take care of it at the end all by herself, at which point, Sean, who has taken himself off-camera, comes back to shoot on her face.

On the other hand, trans girl Casey Kisses and cis-girl Kenzie Taylor do a much better job of taking care of each other. Casey too has a really nice cock, and small, firm tits that contrast nicely with Kenzie’s big, equally well-built ones. These girls are both really hot blondes, both clad in pink lingerie, both designed and constructed to be perfect fuck toys, and watching them together is a treat. I’m not ordinarily the loud-blonde-with-fake tits type, but Kanzie really puts on a show, and Casey’s cock is just what you want to see in a TS movie – hard, long, active and appreciated by her partner. When she finally comes, it’s all over Kenzie’s ass, and she makes sure Kenzie gets off with a vibe on her clit afterward. That’s how you take care of a woman, Sean.

Aspen Brooks and Allysa Etain are an unusual looking pair, at least for the usual run of trans porn movies. Aspen has bright orange hair, nice big tits and a big hard dick. Allysa, who at first I assumed was a bio-girl, has small natural boobs and luxurious dark hair with the sides shaved away, and her leather-and=steel=harness argues for a BDSM bent (which her submissive attitude confirms). Allysa is clearly accustomed to and comfortable with being used, as she lets Aspen ride her face, fuck her mouth, and pump her ass full of cock, fingers, and a big glass toy that facilitates Aspen’s orgasm just as much as her own.

Yulia Masakowa is tall, with short blonde hair, a perky set of tits, a strong face and a nice big cock; Shiri Allwood is slightly less tall, with long red-blonde hair, a beautiful feminine face, and a nice big cock. I like the trans-on-trans activity in My TS Girlfriend 2, especially when the two women involved seem to be so equally matched. Shiri clearly loves sucking cock, as does Yulia, and while Yulia does most of the penetrating, Shiri gets her dick inside the tall blonde for some pounding as well, and she fucks Yulia’s tits just as nthusiastically as Yulia fucks Shiri’s ass. They come pretty close to together, Yulia in Shiri’s mouth and Shiri masturbating with a plug in her ass.

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