Teach Me Your Ways porn video

‘Teach Me Your Ways’: Lessons in Lesbian Lust

A lot of porn tells you what it’s about right in the title – a relic, maybe, of the time when most people shopped for their porn in stores that they wanted to get in and out of as quickly as possible – so you don’t have to worry about being surprised. Teach Me Your Ways, though, could be about anything – an alien visitation, the British Raj, karate. It’s not, though. It’s about lesbians, and – if we’re being honest here, it’s not even really about lesbians learning new ways. Many of these girls clearly already know how to be lesbians, and we all know we’re not really here to see Penny Pax learn guitar or Judy Jolie do math.

As we learned from Teen Talk Barbie in the nineties, math class is tough, and Judy Jolie, who isn’t really inclined to study anyway, is way more interested in taking some time off thinking about it to get back to what she really likes, which is, let us say, on the less intellectual side. Specifically, once she can get her tutor Lyra Lee to let go of the quadratic formula for a moment, she’s really interested in Lyra’s tits, which you can’t blame her for. Lyra could use some lessons of her own – she’s never kissed anyone, boy or girl – and Judy is happy to show her what lesbians do when they don’t have to think about numbers.

 Kiara Cole has got some sexy new lingerie to show off, but when she gets to her roommate’s room, she finds that Katie Morgan is already enjoying a sexy girl – to wit, herself. As Katie works her favorite toy in and out of her cunt, teasing and working her clit with a clit-stimulating vibe, Kiara watches from the hallway and works her own pussy. When Katie invites her in, Kiara asks if she can learn the secrets of the sexy toy. Kiara’s a fast learner, and the two blondes quickly graduate to straight-up lesbian action, licking and fingering each other’s pussies and coming hard for each other.

Playing the guitar isn’t as hard as math, but it definitely requires coordination. Penny Pax is determined to learn, but she gets some motivation when she finds out how much of playing the guitar is dependent on precise fingering. Penny is just as interested in hooking up with a sexy lesbian playing guitar as she is in being a sexy lesbian playing guitar, so when her teacher Jayden Cole starts sucking on Penny’s fingers, then her tits, and then her clit, Penny knows she’s at last halfway to her goal. These two incredible redheads get wet and slippery together, and both of them grind, finger, and lick to their hearts’ content.

 Kenzie Reeves is having some dude problems – all her men are one-night stands and douches, and Serene Siren can’t understand why. Kenzie says she keeps her pussy clean, gives good head, and loves to fuck, but Serene thinks maybe she could still probably use some pointers. Her secret is innovation – for instance, bringing home a girl to keep things fresh. Kenzie thinks it might be weird to fuck her best friend, but Serene is pretty sure the benefits will outweigh the risks, and very soon the two blondes discover that boys might be fun, but girls can satisfy in a way that no man will ever match. They’re not going to be exclusive lesbians any time soon, but Kenzie has definitely learned some new tricks!

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