TS Playground 31 porn video

‘TS Playground 31 – The Ladyboy Edition’: – Trans, Gendered

TS Playground 31

I don’t know what separates ladyboys from any other kind of trans woman with penises, nor do I know if there is actually a difference, or if it’s just the kind of word that porn has latched onto as another keyword to suck internet trawlers in. Whatever the case, I do like the women in TS Playground 31 – Ladyboy Edition, the latest in Jay Sin‘s topnotch series of transsexual titles featuring hot girls with dicks. Sin rarely disappoints, as is the case with most of the Evil Angel stable of directors.

Spencer Fox asks Jenny, a cute, shorthaired Thai transsexual, if she likes his big dick, but the truth is that hers is just as big and just as nice. She sucks on his, but he returns the favor, exploring her asshole before sliding into it. Every part of her is feminine except for her big cock, which she strokes to climax before taking a facial.

Redheaded Mickey’s smallish but hard cock isn’t as much of a focus for Kai Bailey as his own pleasure, but he still strokes it while he fucks the sexy Asian trans girl’s tight ass. She takes him like a champ, especially since she doesn’t get to come, but he does, shooting on the sexy TS babe’s tits and face.

Candy and Pooh, a pair of cute trans girls in black and white lingerie, are sporting thick, hard cocks and have every intention of using them on Gabe, who is only too happy to offer every hole he has up to the pair. A Double blowjob leads to Gabe getting spitroasted and ridden, and all three of them explode in a sweaty, exhausted mess.

Mos has a trans Wonder Woman thing going on, looking like a busty, tanned goddess. She struts and poses a bit before meeting up with Gabe – lucky Gabe! – who gets a brief, perfunctory blowjob before getting on his back for a thorough fucking. He gets pounded from every direction before returning the favor, then rims Mos while she sit on his face and jacks off on his chest. Finally, she kneels for a facial in return.

Natty is a tall, leggy trans girl with curly black hair, great tits, and a winning smile. she poses for just a few moments before getting on her knees to worship Spencer’s dick. In tight PVC, she looks like a roller-rink queen as she sucks him and rims his ass, then bends over to get rimmed in return; they trade fucking, spreading wide for each other; the PVC has come off to facilitate access to her holes, and after Spencer comes while she’s fucking him, he plays with her while she masturbates and shoots a respectable load across her own belly and tits.

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