Touch Of The Younger Kind 3 porn video

‘Touch of the Younger Kind 3’: Getting in on the Ground Floor

Touch of the Younger Kind 3

The phrase Touch of the Younger Kind” reminds me inevitably of “My Sharona”, which song – even when I was the younger kind – creeped me the fuck out. I’m all for people ignoring age as a factor when it comes to choosing sexual partners, in both directions, but that song always made me feel like there was something dreadfully unwholesome about the Knack’s position on teens. I guess that’s what appeals about rock and roll and porn, though. So here is Touch of the Younger Kind 3, a compendium of early appearances by established girls – you can feel however you want about it.

Iggy Amore says she likes getting fucked three times a day when she has a boyfriend with a big dick available; she broke up with her most recent one, so she’s come to do a porn scene to show him what he’s missing. What he’s missing is a cute blonde teen, 5’6, perky little C-cup tits; this is her first shoot, but she now has well over two dozen movies to her credit – creampies, girl/girl, threesomes – and shows no signs of slowing down. She has a deceptively curvy ass that she really knows how to work, and you get to see plenty of it. She ends up taking a creampie.

Stella Daniels says she’s not a party girl, and that her desire to be in teen porn is about money and a love of sex; she loves watching BDSM porn while she masturbates, but unfortunately for those of you who want to see her tortured, she doesn’t want to do that stuff; she just gets off on it. She’s a sultry, black-haired sex kitten who likes to show off, so we get to watch her play with her pussy, oil herself up, suck cock, get fucked, and take a load on her flat belly.

Kimmy Granger is by no means an unfamiliar face on the teen scene, but this appears to have been filmed before she acquired nearly three hundred credits. you can judge for yourself how much she has changed and whether four years of experience has made her more or less desirable. Her body and face haven’t changed much, her A-cup tits are the same, she sucks cock the same way, and she appears to love what she does, right up until the moment she takes a fat load of cum on her ass.

Trisha Parks, at 20, is on the outer edge of being a teen; she has the kind of bright smile and wide-set eyes that make you think of cute cartoon animals and anime characters, and the kind of body that makes you feel like you could fuck an anime character or a cute cartoon animal if it had a body like that. She looks like she’s had a lot of experience, and her assertion that she lived in a repressed religious household and wasn’t allowed to do anything fun, coupled with her admission that she’s a submissive and likes rough sex makes it seem like she probably acquired it all at once, and pretty recently. You can judge for yourself how much you believe her, but enjoy the scene wherever you come down on it. Whatever her experience level is, she’s fun to watch.

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