Serendipity porn video

‘Serendipity’: Lucky Lesbian Fuckers

It’s nice to have something in the world that you can depend on; people often cite death and taxes as the two really reliable facets of existence, but porn is another one, and it often gets overlooked in these discussions. A subset of that is the Viv Thomas oeuvre, which delivers without fail pretty lesbians having pretty lesbian sex in pretty lesbian places. “Serendipity” is no exception, with four pretty lesbian couples coupling in lesbian ways. Let’s enjoy it together, shall we?

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on here – the title of the movie implies that there is a plot, and each scene involves some stuff that might, with dialogue, give us a clue, but the end in each case is obvious. The goal is, of course, pretty lesbian sex, and we get plenty of it.

Lilu Moon, a sleek brunette who manages to look both sophisticated and predatory, has taken her share of cock but does a good job of convincing us that she has no goal but pussy, first with redhead Dominica and then with Sarah Smith. There’s nothing but ambient sound to rely on – no music or dialogue – but the women make some delightful noises as they lick and finger each other to climax after climax.

Here’s how to tell American Lindsey Cruz and Russian Candy Alexa apart: Candy is taller, and has bigger tits; if it matters to you, she’s the one in the black lingerie at the start of their scene, but once they get down to brass tacks, it’s just acres of tanned blonde lesbians mixing it up, and there’s no real reason to distinguish them.

Sarah Smith, not quite finished even after the treatment she received at the hands (and tongue, and pussy) of the capable Lilu Moon, takes on Lindsey Cruz after the blonde wears Candy Alexa out; it’s like the final round of a lesbian pussy-eating tournament. Although the redhead didn’t make it to the finals, I’m still interested in seeing who wins. You’ll have to make the call, though – it’s pretty close, if you ask me.

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