TS Wife Swap 2 porn video

‘TS Wife Swap 2’: Trans Action

The thing I like best about Transsensual movies is that they treat trans porn just like untrans porn – it’s just porn that happens to have trans people in it, and there’s no big deal, no exploitation, no fuss made about the plumbing. As with cis wife swapping, the only thing I’d like to see more would just be a big ol’ transsexual orgy, and it’s not like those are hard to find. TS Wife-Swap 2 is super-hot, and anything with Lena Kelly in it is totally worth watching. Add in three other sexy trans women and there’s no reason not to watch this movie.

Each scene involves two couples. Lena Kelly and Dante Colle head off to the bedroom while Korra Del Rio and Mason Lear get reacquainted and reminisce about how they both wanted to fuck each other in college, and in the second scene Janelle Fennec and Pierce Paris reap the rewards of a mixture of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare while Ryder Monroe and Lance Hart try out extramarital sex for the first time.

Korra and Mason are first up; Korra is a slight brunette with tan skin and a nice firm pair of boobs that Mason understandably can’t keep his hands off of. She’s an avid cocksucker and a pretty girl, but most of the angles don’t make much of the fact that she’s a transsexual woman. Her cock isn’t much in evidence until the end of the scene, when she shoots off while getting fucked from behind. Tattooed platinum blonde Lena‘s cock is out and proud a lot more, although she never really gets hard and doesn’t come at the end of the scene. Still, she looks amazing.

The second vignette takes a little more time to develop, using the setting of a couple of couples teasing information and titillation out of each other using the age-old game of spin-the-bottle as a tool. It starts off with a few salacious questions, then a sexy transsexual kiss between Janelle and Ryder, and then, the way it mostly does in your fantasies, devolves into hot sex.

Lance reveals that he’s had some fantasies about Ryder, and Janelle thinks that’s just fine, given that if she can get him to act those out, she’ll have a decent shot at some of that Pierce Paris cock that she’s been dreaming of. The two couples split up, pair off, and dive into each other in separate rooms. Ryder, a Stevie Nicksish blonde transsexual, takes Lance deep in her ass and even deeper in her mouth, and ginger fox Janelle proves she’s got just as much room in her throat as anybody, letting Lance get as deep as he can before riding him until he blows on her perky tits.

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