Size Does Matter 15 porn video

‘Size Does Matter 15’: Big Dicks, Tiny Holes

Whether size actually matters or not is an a ongoing debate; porn wants you to think it does, and it’s true that it does in certain circumstances. Let’s just avoid the question here and say that in “Size Does Matter 15” we have some huge dicks and some tiny girls, and that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?

Vina Sky is a wee Asian girl with tiny tits, a few tattoos, and – appraently – a bottomless pussy. She’s five feet even and about eighty pounds, which means that J Mac‘s dick constitues an appreciable percentage of her total body weight. She’s literally half his size, and even so manages to get that much of him inside her pussy. The facial he delivers is comprehensive.

Lily Ford is 4’11” and 85 pounds, soaking wet, which she is at the beginning of her scene, relaxing in a bathtub. She’s getting along just fine masturbating by herself, but it turns out she’s just getting ready to spend the evening with Bruce Venturepossessor of a big dick – who lurches in to fill her up with his outsize tool. She practically disappears under his load.

Hime Marie seriously looks like a miniature person coming out the doorway of the house, but she can take a lot of cock, as is evidenced by the big dildo she pumps into her pussy before Danny Mountain arrives to take her 5’2″, 99-pound body in hand. The little platinum blonde tries her best to get his whole dick in her mouth, but has to settle for completely enveloping him with her pussy instead. There is, of course, a facial.

Jenni Jordan has a slender glass dildo that probably goes some, but not all, of the way to preparing her for Johnny Castle‘s schlong. This scene, alone among the four in the movie, takes a stab – albeit a weak one – at a plot. Johnny seems surprised that the little blonde slut is masturbating in his office, but that evaporates quickly and he ends up fucking her on his desk, which is as much a surprise to him as it would be to anyone walking in on them. Neither of them cares, though, and she probably wears his cum for the rest of the day.

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