Anissa 4 You: There’s Room for Everybody

As is the case with pretty much every movie from Marc Dorcel, Anissa 4 You┬áis gorgeous, elegant and filthy. Anissa Kate, the tanned, busty star of so many of them, is the focus of this short piece – the single-scene is a new format for Dorcel – and she’s well worth focusing on.

Anissa spends the first five minutes getting ready for her date with two men – dressing, putting on sexy shoes, applying makeup – in a way that makes it even hotter to watch her guys mess it all up. There’s something sexy about knowing how much effort Anissa put into looking good just so she could look completely fucked later on.

No part of Anissa is left untouched, no hole left unfucked. She takes on both cocks without blinking, except when there’s a hot load spraying across her face (just one – the other one ends up between her big tits). Anissa loves the dick and takes her men in mouth, ass, pussy, and in various combinations, including a final double penetration that leaves her breathing hard and definitely satisfied.

You should be too!

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