‘Anal Beauty 12’: Brown Eye of the Beholder

Anal Beauty 12

Studio: Tushy

As a connoisseur of porn and – I hope – of women, I have to say that one asshole is pretty much the same as the next (in terms of the physical structure, at least; I mean, in terms of human behavior, assholes come in all flavors). There are, of course, assholes that have been used so brutally and been taken so little care of that they look blown-out and haggard, and I am sure that there are also assholes at the other end of the spectrum, so transcendently lovely that just seeing them confers visions of paradise on you, but aside from that, Anal Beauty is, I think, largely notional. But then, I’m a tit man, so don’t listen to me. Enjoy Tushy‘s Anal Beauty 12” for whatever you can get out of it.

Elena Koshka‘s scene with Mick Blue is basically an enactment of the Human League song “Don’t You Want Me”, except with cocksucking and anal sex. Which, honestly, is exactly what I wanted from a pop single in the ’80s. It was a simpler time, and also a time when anal sex was harder to find. But if Susan Sulley, instead of saying “But now, I think it’s time I live my life on my own/I guess it’s just what I must do” had said “You’re right, I know I owe you everything/please fuck my ass by way of “thank you”, they’d have ended up with this video, or something like it. Elena Koshka herself is pretty hot, and she looks great getting fucked, sucking cock, and wearing Mick’s load.

Alex Grey is 5’3″ and weighs 99 pounds – 101 with two pounds of cock inside her. She’s cute as a button, has just enough in the way of tattoos to be an obviously dirty girl, and loves dick. She pays lip service to a story about having a crush on her Russian tutor, but it’s paper-thin, and happily she gets right to the fucking without too much acting to get in the way. She puts on some slinky lingerie, climbs aboard Markus Dupree, and starts begging for anal sex, and he delivers. Her asshole seems to be wider than her actual body as he pumps his cum onto her gape.

Gia Derza has some things to say about living in California, but mostly what she has to say after the formalities have been concluded is “Please fuck my ass,” and she really doesn’t bother much with “please.” It’s honestly just more moaning as Scott fingers, tongues, and penises her tight backdoor. He penises her mouth, too, but the focus is really on that rosebud. Gia clearly loves anal, and she can take it hard, working her clit as Scott pounds her and deposits a copious load on her face.

Ana Foxxx has always wanted to be an actress instead of just a model, and she has managed to hire an acting coach who blah blah blah Anal sex. Story story story FUCKING. Seriously, we’re not here to hear about her fictional acting lessons – we’re here to see that ass get plowed, and plowed it gets. Ana’s value here, in my opinion. lies in the extraordinarily sloppy blowjob she obviously delights in, but anal fans – and I expect you are legion – will enjoy her backdoor action much more. Ana loves that just as much, and for good reason. She ends up with an asshole full of cum and a smile on her face.

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