Wife Wants It Black porn video

‘Wife Wants it Black’: Interracial Desires

I’ve never had a wife myself, so I can’t really speak to what they might want in general, and certainly not about how any one of them in particular might conduct her affairs. I’ve seen all of the women in “Wife Wants it Black” fucking black guys before, so at least they’re not going totally without. Still, each of them is so very enthusiastic and even ravenous in pursuit of the black cock in front of her that it seems like some basic need has gone unserved. Let’s hope the black cock they get here keeps them satisfied for at least a little while.

I’m not saying Kleio Valentien isn’t wife material, but she’s not the kind of girl you picture in white lace. Not that she couldn’t rock one, but I am much more likely to picture her getting railed in a chapel next to a discarded wedding gown. Here she gets busy on Prince Yahshuah‘s giant dick, but there’s nothing to indicate that there’s a husband crying in the background anywhere. Kleio gets fucked in pussy, ass and mouth and takes a load on her face.

Now that I think about it, you do see a lot of wives who look like Richelle Ryan at baseball games – big fake tits, plenty of makeup, a nice tan – but you don’t often see them doubling up on cock (black and white in this case – Richelle may want it black, but she’s perfectly willing to take it white too) and wearing a flood of jizz on their faces. Too bad. I’d go to more games if that were on the DiamondVision screen all the time.

Katrina Jade isn’t even pretending to be a wife, so you’re going to have to come up with your own marriage fantasy – not hard to do with that ass bouncing in your face and those big natural tits. I mean, in my wife fantasy, she’s not fucking both me and Prince Yahshuah – at least not at first – but I guess I’m open to it, if I get equal time. I don’t mind sharing, especially if I get to come on that pretty face.

Alina Lopez will make someone a great wife someday, especially if he’s a black guy with a giant cock and he loves having his dick worshiped by a horny Latina with perky little tits. I mean, who wouldn’t, so it’s not like Prince Yahshua is undergoing any hardship when he has the little fuck-fiend riding his big black cock. It seems like there’s hardly room inside her for that monster dick, but she takes it all and wears his load proudly on her face and tits.

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