Anal Buffet 13 porn video

‘Anal Buffet 13’: Good Ass Eating

Can I just say that I love the idea of an Anal Buffet, and I love the idea of there being a thirteenth one even more? I mean, I don’t even care that much about anal – I can take it or leave it – but I’m having this vision of a bunch of shapely asses all in a row, displayed under glass and kept hot by bright lights. There’s a variety, too – different shapes and sizes and colors, everything you could want in an anal buffet. I mean, a perfect buffet would have tits, too, but I didn’t go to Titty Buffet, did I? Maybe next week.

Nobody does as much with asses as Jay Sin, and watching Alysa, Rebecca Black, Sheena Shawanna-de-ville and Anna de Ville exploring each other and taking turns filling up every ass in the room will make you want to chow down yourself.

Grazy Almeida doesn’t look big enough to get a finger in her ass, let alone Spencer Fox‘s giant cock, but she gobbles it, spreads wide, and takes him deep – all while farting out gobs of whipped cream. She’s special.

Angel Wicky and Blanche Bradburry nearly beat Christian Clay to death with their big tits, but the real threat from these two smoking blondes is the possibility that he might get lost in someone’s ass and not be able to find his way out.

Kristy Black and Kira Thorn look sweet and innocent at first, but by the time Angelo Godshack arrives, they’ve amply demonstrated their wickedness. A huge toy in every ass and a cock in every mouth is their plan.

If you like a little fruit with your anal buffet, check out Jureka Del Mar, who can fit at least one apple in her ass. She can also fit a couple of lemons in there, not to mention almost all of Kai Bailey’s cock, although he leaves his cum in her mouth.

Watching Anna de Ville and Tiffany Doll make out over Sheena Shaw‘s pulsing ass and seeing them all extrude (there’s no other word for it) balls from their butts is undeniably hypnotic, but not as fascinating as watching them put stuff back in there.

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