Call Girl's Story porn video

‘A Call Girl’s Story – The Pursuit of Money’

Call Girl is a weird phrase, isn’t it? I mean, I live in California, in a major metropolitan area, where phone sex operators, strippers, dominatrices, streetwalkers, and three-thousand-dollar-a-night escorts are all just called sex workers, so “call girl” seems like a particularly archaic constriction. Still, it’s nice to see Sweet Sinner using an at least reasonably respectful term – a lot of studios cater to a demographic that prefers “whore” or even the oddly ’70s “hooker”. “A Call Girl’s Story” is to prostitution what Top Gun was for military aviation – sure, there are risks, but there’s glory to be had too, so why not go for it?

Danni Rivers‘ parents have been telling her – probably since she was about six – that once she turns 18, she’s on her own, so she’d better do well in school. I guess she has, because she’s gotten into some good colleges, but she just can’t afford to pay for them, and mom and dad aren’t budging. What’s a girl to do? Well, fucking strangers isn’t top of her list, but it’s the best option that doesn’t involve working at the mall. Her friend Gia Derza is already an experienced – let’s just keep saying call-girl here – and tells her an appealing story about fucking Ryan Driller, which would be a pretty good goal for any cam girl. Ryan likes to make her feel like she’s been bad and needs to be punished, so she dresses up like a schoolgirl and takes a mild spanking before the fucking, then accepts teacher’s load on her sexy ass.

When Gia says she broke up Ryan’s marriage, Danni‘s horrified, but Gia says screw morality – the money’s worth it. Danni doesn’t agree, and decides to go a different route. A quick ad online leads her to a man who says he’s willing to pay ten grand for her virginity – Ryan McLane is a rich real estate mogul who’s ready to pay through the nose for a brand-new girl, and, importantly to Danni, he’s not married. He turns out to be a nice guy with similar interests, decent manners, and a big dick, and he treats her right, fucks her gently, gives her lots of TLC, and pops a huge load on her ass.

He also offers her an opportunity, after he takes her virginity, to make enough money in the next six months, to pay for her entire college career, plus grad school. His very very rich friend Stirling Cooper needs a companion for his European travels, and he’s willing to pay a LOT of money to have a gorgeous young girl along with him for the ride instead of his wife, who has her own deal going on. He doesn’t even try to touch her for the first few days in Italy, but when he does, he comes on strong. A blindfold, it turns out, has been a fantasy of Danni’s for quite some time, and even though Stirling has been kind of cold and unapproachable, things have heated up to the point where after a sizzling fuck and creampie in a fancy hotel, Danni doesn’t regret her decision at all.

Even with college secured, Danni’s got some qualms about her purely-for-finance-relationship – at the end of the six months contract, she finds herself jealous that he’s going back to his wife, but she consoles herself that at least they didn’t break up because of her. Her friend Abella has a cautionary tale, however. She too started fucking a married man for the money – Steve Holmes really should have been lavishing his love on his own wife and daughter, but instead he’s been giving it all, along with his cock and his money, to Abella, who, to be fair, gives him lots of things his wife and especially daughter don’t, like enthusiastic blowjobs, dirty talk, and a perfect ass to come on. Abella feels bad, though, because Steve’s leaving his wife for her. There’s a lesson there, though – just try and guess whose dad it is. I bet you got it in one.

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