Transfixed porn video

‘Transfixed’: Elegant Transsexual Romance

In some ways, the acceptance of a fetish or genre in the world of mainstream porn – as much as porn gets mainstream – can be measured by the calibre of the stars who are willing to participate in it. It has been interesting over the years to watch the growth – and occasional setbacks – of certain genres of adult; the fad for squirting, the rise and fall of bisexual porn in the nineties (and its eventual rise again), the gradual untabooing of interracial, in spite of the industry’s unflagging efforts to make America think it’s dirty. Transsexual porn, gaining in popularity and quality for the last few years, appears to have made it over the hump, and there’s no better proof than “Transfixed“, the newest title from new players Adult Time.

There aren’t a lot of stars right now bigger than Cherie DeVille in mainstream porn; she’s a go-to lead for the big companies that haven’t turned to cranking out 4-hour compilations of the sex scenes from their glory days, and she’s simultaneously believable as a wife, a mom, a MILF, and a lesbian. It’s not a big surprise, then, that she’s equally convincing as a woman who’s eager to have sex with a beautiful transsexual. There’s no dialogue to this scene – all of it is conducted in a breathy sweat of desperate intimacy, making it totally credible that Cherie is legit more-than-usual excited to play with Venus Lux. After all, we know Cherie likes hard cocks and soft women, so Venus is a perfect partner. Her cock never flags, she fucks Cherie slowly and sweetly, hard and firm, and for a solid forty minutes, finally shooting a respectable load on the blonde’s belly.

The second scene isn’t sure whether it wants to be Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood for a while, although it settles into the latter once the becaped Chanel Santini gets inside. Kleio Valentien, one of the most venerable performers in alt-porn (another genre whose mainstreaming has been a welcome development), plays the part of the wolf, who has run ahead to wait in the cabin and discover what a big cock transsexual Red has. Yes, the metaphor is a little twangled, but how are you really going to complain about watching the delicious Kleio get fucked by the just as delicious Chanel Santini, possessor of a nice stiff cock, a pair of gorgeous natural 34C tits, and a fair number of Trans Performer of the Year awards? Kleio ends up being much more the prey than the predator, but she gobbles her share of meat and takes a big load in the mouth.

If the first two scenes are light on plot, the third is positively buoyant with the lack of it. Riley Reyes and Natalie Mars just get down to business, albeit in just as intimate and joyful a way as the other couples did. Rather than even a rudimentary story, it’s just a scene of pure licentiousness, with Natalie slowly seducing, undressing and ravishing the breathless Riley in a space devoid of anything but furniture convenient for the fucking. Like the rest, though, it’s quiet, sexy, and elegant, if a little more raw – Natalie dominates Riley handily, changing pace but always in charge. The tall, classy transsexual really knows what Riley likes, and delivers a solid scene that leaves the blonde Riley covered in juices and sighing happily.

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