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A Memorial: 15 Porn Stars We Wish Were Still With Us


As constituted by the US government, Memorial Day is a holiday on which we are exhorted to remember those of our citizens who have given their lives to protect our country, or citizens, and our freedoms. Arguably, the number of people who have died in the course of duty in the US military for those specific reasons is much lower than most people think it is, but this is not a time to argue politics and history. Instead, as many Americans will demonstrate this Monday, it is a time to skip work, get drunk, and eat too much while not thinking of the military at all except during commercials. But there are other Americans who deserve remembering, too. Porn can be a hard business, and it takes its toll on the people who bring it to us. They made their choices, sure – but so did the people who served in the armed forces. And while everyone spends a lot of time talking about remembering the troops – and we should remember them – we tend to remember porn stars much less often, and not so much as a body of people who have made our lives better. So let’s take just a moment this weekend to think of the ones we loved, idolized and jacked off to. Thye lived fast, they (mostly) died young, and they left good-looking corpses.
Holly Stevens

Irrepressible spirit and friend of Gamelink, Hollie was one of porn’s cutest girls, starring in hundreds of movies and scenes. She was a little blonde tornado!


Savannah was porn royalty – a Vivid girl back when it meant something, and one of the most beautiful stars ever to grace the blue screen.

Linda Lovelace

With the possible exception of Bambi Woods, no performer has ever had so big an effect on porn with so few titles to her credit. From her epic performances to her later renunciations of the industry, this legend was never less than raw and upfront.

August Ames

August Ames was arguably porn’s most popular performer when she passed away, and fans and co-stars alike mourned her untimely exit.

Yurizan Beltran

Yurizan’s eager performances, her unstoppable sexuality, and her awesomely enhanced curvy body makde her a favorite of everyone who saw her, from her days as a Hooters girl to the peak of her hardcore career.

Shyla Stylez

Shyla Stylez was the very model of a California girl – enough that you could easily forgive her for being Canadian. With her long blonde hair, delectable tan, and sweet curves, Shyla always looked like she should be in a convertible in the sun.

January Seraph

January Seraph was one of porn’s mot beloved dominatrices; she occasionally strayed into more vanilla territory, but her real skills lay in making abject slaves of every man she saw, and some of the women.


Aja was an archetypal star of the late ’80s – sophisticated, gorgeous, and classy but filthy too. She probably ought to be in the Hall of Fame, but it was a time ripe with stars, and she has so far escaped notice. We remember her, though.

Anna Malle

Anna Malle was porn’s premier pro-am prototype – she was an ardent swinger who loved to fuck hor fans and make movies about, and turned her life into one long adventure that she committed to film.

Riley Evans

Cute as a button and sexy as a sexy button, Riley Evans rose like a rocket and shone bright for all to short a time. A former Florida stripper, she spent ehr few years in porn at the top.

Cara Lott

AVN Hall of Famer Cara Lott was just as appealing as a predatory MILF on the prowl as she was when she was a horny teen; he career spanned nearly three decades, and there was no time when she was less than delicious.

Juliet Anderson

Porn’s original MILF, Juliet Anderson was known just as well by the name Aunt Peg, a role she rep[ised in several movies. Gorgeous, sophisticated, and insatiable, Juliet was ahead of her time.

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers became one of porn’s most recognizable names and faces after just one movie – Behind the Green Door in 1972 – but didn’t stop there, continuing to perform on and off until the early 2000s.

Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones was always incandescent, reminding many fans – not by accident – of Marilyn Monroe. A busty, well-constructed platinum blonde, Chloe starred in fewer than 20 movies, but nobody who ever saw her forgot her.

Amber Rayne

Perhaps no porn star has ever been as badly missed as Amber Rayne – everyone who ever met her loved her, and everyone who didn’t meet her wished they had. Amber starred in well over five hundred movies in a little over ten years.

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